Ecooter E5 Lite: a 1,000 euro cheaper version of the technological electric scooter arrives in Spain

Ecooter is the division of electric motorcycles and scooters of DY Moto, and the Ecooter E5 is the flagship of all the models that the brand sells in Spain. Until now it was done through a single version, but the brand announces that now the E5 offer will be divided between the versions E5 Lite and E5 Prowith a price difference between them of 1,000 euros that they achieve by cutting, very slightly, the benefits of the previous E5.

The E5 Pro will use the same electrical scheme of the E5 that has been commercialized until now. This means that it will rely on a 5.4 kWh capacity battery to power a central electric motor rated at 7 kW and 9.64 kW of maximum power (equivalent to 13.2 CV). The approved autonomy based on the WLTP cycle of this version is 148 kilometers.

Ecooter has been allowed with this renewal of the E5 range, in addition, to incorporate a new rear shock absorber in the E5 Pro, manufactured by the specialist Fast Ace. According to the brand, this new shock absorber offers “better performance” than the previous one.

New images of the Ecooter E5.
Ecooter E5.

According to the Pro, the E5 Lite cuts both maximum power and battery although, however, it manages to offer a slightly better autonomy than the Pro in exchange for a price of 1,000 euros less, so it is considered the best alternative for those who put cheaper price and autonomy over power.

The E5 Lite uses a 3.84 kWh battery of capacity and an electric motor with a nominal power of 7kw (same as the Pro), but cuts its maximum power to 8 kW, which translates to 10.72 hp. In this case, the approved autonomy reaches the 154 kilometers thanks not only to the maximum power cut, but also in top speed, since while the E5 Pro reaches 103 kilometers per hour, the E5 Lite is satisfied with 90 kilometers per hour.

Another aspect in which the E5 Lite differs from the E5 Pro is the range of colors available, since it will only be available in white and blue, while in the color palette of the Pro it stands out with Matte Blue, White Matt and Matt Grey.

Ecooter E5.

Both versions of the E5 are considered 125 equivalentso they can take advantage of the state Moves III Plan, which as a refund after the purchase rewards the purchase of an electric motorcycle or scooter with up to 1,300 euros.

As the brand has announced, the price of the Ecooter E5 Pro remains at the initial 5,999 euros, while the E5 Lite lowers its cost by 1,000 euros, reaching 4,999 euros. If you count the 1,100 euros that the Moves III Plan discounts at the end, the final cost for the client will be 3,890 or 4,890 euros, respectively.

E5 screen.
The dashboard of the Ecooter E5 is an interactive 6.8-inch IPS panel with Mirrorlink.

With this movement, Ecooter offers two tailor-made alternatives to the Silence S01 in its Basic and Connected versions, with both the Silence and Ecooter models running as two of the most interesting models in their category, that of urban electric scooters with air of GT, which has more and more alternatives. The latest model to join this segment is the recently launched Horwin SK3.

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