E-GAP arrives in Spain, the home charging service for electric cars in the city

E-GAP arrives in Spain. The pioneering company in mobile recharging enters Spain with the provision of services that promise to help in the implementation of the electric car. First in Madrid and then in more cities throughout Spain they will be able to enjoy a new service that will gradually spread throughout the world, as it will allow charging while you are at work, playing sports or shopping.

The public charging infrastructure in Spain is one of the worst in Europe. With a noticeable lack of charging points, many of the existing ones are either not operational or busy. The problems that many users of electric cars have to face on a daily basis have promoted the appearance of new companies and services such as E-GAP. Thanks to its fleet of electric vans you will no longer have to depend on finding a charging point to recover battery life while you do your chores.

Already being in other countries such as Italy, Germany or France, E-GAP is now visiting Spain, first in Madrid, where they hope to provide their vital service with 20 electric vans before the end of 2022. Through the company’s application, anyone who wishes can register to request mobile recharge services. The user will only have to set the location of the car, including the make and model, and the recharge they want. Once the service has been booked, a van will go to our car and load it even without us having to be present.


In cities, it is most common to find operating charging points between 20 and 50 kW, the strangest being points with powers greater than 100 kW. E-GAP electric vans have a charging power of up to 130 kW, making them faster than most local infrastructure. Likewise, E-GAP has an off-grid recharging technology, independent and with zero impact on the urban electricity grid, thus guaranteeing greater autonomy and offering a complementary service to that of fixed charging points.

As for prices, estimated costs are between 30 and 50% higher than the prices available on the public charging networka. The surcharge is due to the personalization of the service and its speed. E-GAP is establishing a network of alliances with other companies such as Stellantis or EnelX, which in turn will allow service coverage for them. As we have already said, the service will come into service first in Madrid and then in Barcelona, ​​which is where most of the electric cars are located.

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