Dodge’s electric muscle car could already have a name, and it’s quite a statement of intent

At Stellantis they are culminating a large landing of electrified cars for the coming years, a total of 75 before the end of this decade. Dodge, for its part, a brand that belongs to the Stellantis group, is preparing the so-called “Electric Summer” where it will show three new models, including the long-awaited electric muscle car that could be called the Tomahawk.

Despite the fact that muscle car fans declare themselves against accepting one of these models with an electric mechanic, Dodge is preparing an electric alternative that will not leave anyone indifferent, because in a recent interview with Carlos Tavares, CEO of Stellantis , confirmed that this will have “a shocking sound” and will even be capable of burning wheels.

In the last hours it has been known, through a leak published in the media CarBuzzthat On June 23, the North American firm registered the name Tomahawk. This has set off all the alarms, even more so when the presentation of said electric variant is expected for next August 17, specifically.

The Tomahawk nomenclature may be familiar, and this won’t be the first time Dodge has used it. The first vehicle to use it was a conceptual motorcycle that the brand presented almost 20 years ago, which housed the V10 gasoline engine of the then current Dodge Viper. Finally, the firm used this name again in 2015 when it presented a racing prototype for the popular game Gran Turismo 6. It is possible that in just a month and a half the one that would be the third vehicle that would use this denomination, but the first to reach the market on a large scale.

United States Patent and Trademark Office Registration

In the registration made in the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office, for its acronym in English) it is clarified that “andhe registration of the Tomahawk brand is intended to cover the categories of land vehicles, i.e. passenger cars”, according to the log file itself and in which it is specified that the originator of such file is FCA USthe North American division of Stellantis.

The three models to be introduced back-to-back in mid-August will be a new mechanical alternative to an existing model (presumably for the Challenger), a plug-in hybrid and a fully electric model. The latter is the one that all the rumors suggest will take the Tomahawk surname for its new electric motorization, although at the moment this is nothing more than rumors and conjectures, since it also there is a possibility that the American car group uses this name for another model of the brand or, on the contrary, do the same with a Jeep signature vehicle, since they have traditionally used a similar suffix in other models (Trailhawk, Trackhawk, etc).

Dodge’s next electric model is called to be the first electric muscle car in history, as its direct competitors have not yet revealed alternative models. Ford is expected to launch a plug-in hybrid variant of the Mustang, although at the moment it is not known if they plan to launch a 100% electric version of it. On the part of General Motors, there are no known intentions to present an electric Chevrolet Camaro soon, although the arrival of a 100% electric plug-in hybrid variant for the Corvette is expected.

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