Dodge prepares the “Electric Summer” and aims for three electrified presentations in August

There have been many clues that Dodge has been giving about its future electric muscle car. A spiritual substitute for the original Dodge Charger from the late 1960s. Carlos Tavares himself, CEO of Stellantis, spoke a few months ago about the sound they were preparing for this electric model, of which it was anticipated that it would be shown in the form of a conceptual model at some point in this same 2022. Now, Dodge confirms the arrival of the “Electric Summer” with up to three presentations of electric cars.

The long-awaited “eMuscle” (as it has been called on occasion) will present specifications that are up to expectations, since, according to the company’s own directors, the production model will present a higher power than the current Dodge Demon and its 840 CV. However, the electric model will come from the hand of a four-wheel drive, although its own management leadership admitted that it will continue to present the possibility of burning a wheel, something very typical of these muscular American models.

Today, Dodge has announced the celebration of the so-called “Dodge Speed ​​Week” (dodge speed week), which will take place on Woodward Avenue, in the Detroit metropolitan area, United States. There will be a series of concerts and different festivities around the North American vehicle brand. The event will be approached by all kinds of public (invited by the brand and outside it), as confirmed by Tim Juniskis, executive director of Dodge.

will be the next days 15, 16 and 17 August when Dodge celebrates its so-called “Speed ​​Week” and where a daily reveal of a new electrified product will be shown. The fact that they are vehicles with a high electric charge comes from the statement by one of their directors who admitted that this “is going to be an electric summer for Dodge”, so all eyes are already pointing towards the “eMuscle” as well as others models with plug-in hybrid technology.

PHOTO - These presentations will take place during the so-called Dodge _Speed ​​Week_
These presentations will take place during Dodge’s so-called “Speed ​​Week.”

Dodge announced last summer of 2021 its plan to electrify its model range and launch an all-electric muscle car for the first time in its history in 2024. This will be manufactured at the company’s plant in Brampton, Canada. A production stop is planned there to introduce the technical improvements that make it possible to manufacture on “a completely new and flexible architecture” for the year 2025. This update of the plant will bring about a stoppage in the production of models that are currently being produced there. assembled, including the current Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger.

According to the roadmap established by the company for its presentation event on the first day of the same “Dodge will announce a product that will have a strong impact on the current line of muscle cars of the brand”, with which it is expected that show some mechanical alternative to these, like a plug-in hybrid. Later, on August 16, an entry muscle car will be presented, which is a mystery. Finally, on August 17, the presentation of a future product yet to be determined will take place, which is expected to be the 100% electric muscle car that has been talked about so much. In parallel, the presentation of a roadmap of future models that will reach the brand will also be carried out.

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