Do you want a Volkswagen XL1? A plug-in hybrid that you can still buy, although it is not cheap

If there was a car that marked a before and after in the understanding of and for the economy of fuel consumption, that was the volkswagen xl1. This was a plug-in hybrid vehicle that hit the market in 2014 and looked like a real rolling UFO. Today you can still get one of the few units that were launched on the market, although, for this, you will have to part with a significant financial amount, as well as travel through Europe to find a unit that suits your criteria.

Almost a decade ago, Volkswagen decided to launch the true antithesis of the then current Bugatti Veyron and its disproportionate and colossal figures; we were able to echo its launch at that time. The model from the ranks of the German firm showed important advances for the time, such as highly elaborated aerodynamics, rear-view mirrors with cameras, a carbon fiber structure or a plug-in hybrid mechanical that was combined with a small diesel-powered twin-cylinder engine.

The design of the XL1 leaves no one indifferent
The design of the XL1 leaves no one indifferent

This conjunction resulted in a homologation of average consumption of just 0.9 liters per 100 kilometers; yes, in the NEDC cycle, which was somewhat less realistic than the current WLTP. Volkswagen manufactured a total of 250 units of the XL1 at a starting price of just over 100,000 euros.

But given its condition as a short-run model, as well as the technological significance it incorporated for its time, the Volkswan XL1 has become on its own merits a heartthrob for collectors and wealthy fans, because even today you can get one of the few units that are for sale in Europe; but, of course, your bag had better be remarkably loose in size.

Visiting certain websites and European ad portals, it is very difficult to find a unit for sale of the model. Until very recently, we could find some ads published on portals such as autoscout24, for instance; however, all of them have disappeared and currently we have only been able to find two unique advertisements published in The parking. Both units are launched by dealers based in Europe.

The interior already advanced many design canons
The interior already advanced many design canons

We found the first of the units, a gray Volkswagen XL1 with just 4,800 kilometers on its odometer. for sale for almost 124,000 euros, a price that does not seem excessive if we take into account the revaluation suffered by the model and that almost a decade ago it was sold for something less than this price. However, the second unit announced does carry out this aforementioned revaluation, since its announcement stands at almost 204,500 euros. That represents an increase of almost 100,000 euros with respect to its initial launch despite its 5,000 kilometers traveled throughout its life.

Both models are located in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, respectively, so the cost of acquisition itself would have to deal with the always tedious bureaucracy to re-register the model, as well as carrying out the journey to bring the vehicle to Spain.

With great certainty, new advertisements will soon be seen on the different portals, since until a few months ago it was not unusual to find some for sale on the aforementioned European websites, although as we have said, nobody should expect an affordable or minimally accessible price. since its own conception makes it a unique car of its kind.

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