Disappointment with Kawasaki: the first of its electric motorcycles comes with a surprise

From euphoria to disappointment. Kawasaki has many ambitious plans for the electrification of its range. The Japanese brand wants its entire fleet to be electric and hybrid by 2035. In order to achieve the goal, last November the management leadership announced the launch of three electric motorcycles for this year. A joy for many followers who today have discovered the small print of that announcement. What Kawasaki hid is that the first one would only be for children.

Yes, as you are reading it. When everyone was waiting for three electric motorcycles, no one could imagine that one of them would be aimed at children. The Japanese are somewhat late in the market for electric motorcycles. Many brands already have various 100% emission-free alternatives on the market, as is the case with NIU, Zero Motorcycles, or even Harley Davidson. And hence Kawasaki’s rush to reinforce its electrified line.

Thanks to a small advance, published on the social networks of the company’s American division, we have learned that the first unit of this trident will be a model adapted for children. In fact, Everything indicates that it will not even be a motorcycle, since everything seems to indicate that it will be a bicycle with the name of Elektrodealthough as we say, the information is not yet complete and Kawasaki has not commented on it.

If the bad omens are confirmed, we would be facing a play between fun and evil. Many bikers await the new electric “Kawa” with open arms, and they will have to continue waiting to receive new news, because for the moment the Japanese have not given specific launch dates for those three, now two, electric models scheduled for this 2022and that soon we will celebrate the middle of the year.

Kawasaki summons us to the next day June 7 to know more news about it of his more than presumable motorcycle / electric bike for children. It is to be assumed that during the presentation of the product, the directors comment on the other two units proposed for this course, although, having seen what has been seen, nothing can be ruled out. As for the model for infants, everything points to a model designed for the cross, according to the scenario chosen for the teaser and the clothing of the protagonist.

It is not the first time that Kawasaki has played the mistake with its latest generation motorcycles. At the end of last year, everyone assumed that the first electric unit would be presented at the EICMA in Milan, but in the end it was not. Apart from the announcement of the next three releases, nothing else was known, and so we continue to this day. We will see if finally on June 7 they dare to report something else.

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