Diamond Aircraft eDA40, the first DC fast-charging electric aircraft

The Diamond Aircraft DA40 with a heat engine has got a brother eco friendly called eDA40. This is the first electric aircraft with an EASA/FAA Part 23 certificate and with DC fast charging capability. This model will reach the general market from the year 2024.

Although the electric aircraft market is advancing at a slower rate than we would all like, the truth is that innovations in this sector do not stop and, slowly, they are making great strides in achieving a totally green aeronautical industry, something that there are still a few decades to achieve.

One of the main advantages of this new electric plane is its fast charging capacity, with which It will be able to recharge from 0 to 100% in just 20 minutes of plugging in.. Once in flight and with the battery charged, it will be able to fly for up to 90 minutes, although these figures are expected to improve over the years, since its technology still has room for improvement and evolution. Operating cost of use is expected to be up to 40% lower than a comparable traditional mechanical model. Its main purpose will be very focused on training for new pilots in the learning phase.

The electrical system that installs the Diamond Aircraft eDA40 has been provided by Electric Power Systems (EPS), a company expressly dedicated to these tasks. This system is called EPiC and includes the battery modules, energy storage system power management units, low voltage power distribution, ventilation and installation kits. All of this is housed in the nose of the plane, just behind the propeller.

Its electrical mechanics is quite striking
Its electric drive offers 130 kW of power at takeoff.

The electric motor, for its part, has been produced by Safran Electric & Power, a company with which Diamond Aircraft already signed an agreement last October. This electrical block It has a maximum power of 130 kW at takeoff.; In turn, it has a motor control system, as well as its own thermal cooling through the air. Thanks to these advances, the firm already classifies it as an intelligent electric motor. This is still in the experimental phase of testing, but its certification is expected to take place by the middle of next year 2023. The eDA40 will be equipped with the glass cockpit system with Garmin G1000 NXi technology.

On the other hand, there is still a lot of information to know about this future fully electric model that is called to be a catalyst for the aeronautical industry in the coming years. At the end of this year, the first experimental flight is expected to take place.while, if everything goes as planned, in 2023 the certification of its electric motor would be carried out and in 2024 the sale to the public would begin.

Currently the company is being a benchmark in the aeronautical sector since its acquisition by Wanfeng, in China. Last year 2021, its sales quota reached 240 units delivered. By 2022, that figure is expected to rise to 300 units, while in 2024, with the arrival of this electric plane, it is expected to exceed 500 units. Currently, the company has factories and offices in Austria, Canada and China.

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