DHL acquires 44 Volvo electric trucks for its delivery work in Europe

DHL has just announced a new acquisition of electric truck fleet signed by Volvo Trucks for your delivery work in Europe. This has been confirmed by the logistics company itself in a recent statement in which they have insisted on their goal of becoming a totally net company in carbon emissions, even more so as it is a firm focused on truck distribution work.

DHL was one of the first delivery companies to promote its more eco friendly, because a few years ago it already placed its first order for electric vehicles to carry out its daily activity. In an official statement from the company, its manager assumed that making an investment in acquiring new electric vehicles would mean economic savings for them on spending on fuel and maintenance of their fleet, in addition to the environmental benefits that this entails. In fact, DHL acquired in 2014 the company specialized in electric vehicles, StreetScooter, with which it can count on this new type of sustainable mobility. Although it was later sold to the Odin Automotive group, they were initially able to make a good profit from this acquisition.

Now the delivery company uses the wisdom of a great manufacturer like Volvo Trucks, and places an order for 44 electric trucks from the Swedish company. With these movements, DHL has demonstrated its intention to be a fully electric company in the coming years, therefore, and until that time comes, they intend to intensify their electric vehicle fleet in all their territories, although for them Europe has priority for said transformation.

PHOTO - This acquisition is from Volvo FE, FL and FM Electric
PHOTO – This acquisition is from Volvo FE, FL and FM Electric

For some years now, the delivery company has been very interested in making the hydrogen fuel cell a reality, as well as in other alternatives for sustainable mobility, since by 2024 DLH expects to receive the first of the 12 electric planes ordered from the Alice company last year 2021. As we can see, DHL places great emphasis on carrying out this transition, which it hopes to fully achieve in the coming years.

The executive vice president of corporate development of Deutsche Post DHL Group assured that the company is fully committed to meeting the demand of its customers through a gradual transition towards complete zero carbon emissions. This goal, according to the directors, could reach the year 2050, although they do not rule out being able to achieve it sooner if all the optimal conditions are met. Other companies such as Volvo Trucks will benefit from this roadmap, since the Swedes have become their official supplier of heavy-duty vehicles on their own merits.

These 44 electric truck units belong to the Volvo FE and FL Electric. In the case of the second, it has a tare weight of 16 tons and can be configured with battery packs that would make it reach up to 300 kilometers of electric autonomy. The FE Electric, on the other hand, has a more generous size, greater transport capacity, as well as its own specifications. Finally, of the total purchased, four units will be Volvo FM Electric and will allocate their work exclusively to the United Kingdom.

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