Devinci e-Troy and e-Spartan electric bikes, more battery and updated geometry

Derived from the two conventional full-suspension bike models, Troy and Spartan, devinci has upgraded the electric variants which now offer a battery of 725 Wh capacity manufactured by BMZa Japanese engine Shimano the EP8 and one new geometry of the painting. The e-Troy supports up to 160mm of suspension travel in the front and 150mm in the rear and in the case of the e-Spartan 180mm in the front and 170mm in the rear, both on 29-inch wheels. They will be available in both Europe (except UK) as in North America at the end of next June their prices will start at 7,379 euros.

The Canadian firm has built the frames of both electric bicycles in 6061-T6 aluminum with asymmetric tube shapes, improving torsional rigidity. The down tube is offset to the left to allow the battery to line up perfectly with the motor. all the wiring is routed internally through the frame tubes. It has protection in the lower part for the tubes and the motor and leaves free space to dispose 29 × 2.6-inch tires.

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The motor that assists the cyclist’s pedaling in the e-Troy and e-Spartan electric bicycles is the Shimano EP8.

For now, Devinci has no intention of offering carbon-framed versions of these bikes, as it would add considerably to an already high price and few of their customers would choose it.

The motor that assists the cyclist’s pedaling in both models is the Shimano EP8, which according to the brand “allows you to face steep climbs and difficult trails with total confidence.” The maximum torque output, 85Nm, with e*thirteen cranks (the lightest on the market). The removable battery that powers it, manufactured by BMZ, has a capacity of 725 Wh and uses cylindrical 21700 cells, which contain 30% more energy than the previous ones.

According to Devinci, the capacity of the battery allows to travel up to 135 kilometers with each charge, although remember that this data depends on many variables such as the type of cyclist, the level of assistance required, the orography of the terrain and even the temperature. The battery charging port is located on the non-drive side of the seat tube. A high performance 4A supercharger is included and is capable of returning 80% capacity to battery in approximately two hours.

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Removable battery for e-Troy and e-Spartan electric bicycles, manufactured by BMZ, with cylindrical 21700 cells and a capacity of 725 Wh.

Devinci e-Troy electric bike

the electric bike Devinci Troy it is the smaller of the two. Its aluminum frame has a suspension front fork of 160m of travel and a 150mm rear shock. In its non-electric variant, Troy is a trail bike launched in December 2020, with 140mm of travel that today reaches its fourth generation. The increase in suspension travel in the electric version is due precisely to the presence of a motor that adds weight to the assembly and requires a greater capacity to absorb the movements of the frame.

The brand also ensures that, in addition, the suspension kinematics benefit from the increase in travel, which allows “a more flexible feeling instead of total pedaling efficiency”.

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A high-performance 4A supercharger is included, capable of returning the battery to 80% capacity in approximately two hours.

Unlike the non-electric Troy version, Devinci chose to mount the rear shock vertically at the bottom of the top tube. The brand claims that this improves the clearance for the shock absorber, the bottle and the engine: “the specific adjustment of the shock absorber for the case of the electric version optimizes the kinematics of the suspension”. The use of a split pivot isolates acceleration forces from braking forces. The brand says this translates to a “smoother ride over bumpy terrain.”

The geometry It’s also been updated, with a longer reach, a wider head tube angle and a steeper seat tube angle. There will be two models in the range: one with SRAM GX Eagle components (not available in Europe) and one with Shimano Deore.

electric bikes Devinci e-troy e-spartan-interior2
e-Troy electric bikes.

Devinci e-Troy Deore 12s:

  • Frame: Optimum G04 Aluminum, 150mm travel.
  • Fork: Fox Float 36 Performance E-Bike GRIP, 160mm travel, 51mm offset.
  • rear shock absorber: Fox Float X Performance Series Evol LV.
  • Transmission: Shimano Deore M6100.
  • Brakes: Shimano MT-520 / MT-501, 4 pistons.
  • Tires: V2 Comp rims on Formula DC-711 / EHL-148 hubs.
  • Price: 7,449 euros.

Devinci e-Troy GX 12s (not available in Europe):

  • Frame: Optimum G04 Aluminum, 150mm travel.
  • Fork: Fox Float 38 Performance Elite E-Bike GRIP2, 160mm travel, 51mm offset.
  • rear shock absorber: Fox Float X Performance Elite Evol LV.
  • Transmission: SRAM GX Eagle with e*thirteen cranks and SRAM PG1230 11-50 cassette.
  • Brakes: SRAM Code R, 4-piston.
  • Tires: RaceFace Aeffect R30 with HG freehub body.

Devinci e-Spartan electric bike

The Devinci e-Spartan It is an electric mountain bike designed for enduro that has suspension with greater travel than the e-Troy: 180 mm in the front fork and 170 mm in the rear shock. In its non-electric version mode, the Spartan has less travel: 170 mm in the front suspension and 160 mm in the rear.

Like the e-Troy, the e-Spartan also updates its geometry with a longer reach, a wider head tube angle, and a steeper seat tube angle.

electric bikes Devinci e-troy e-spartan-interior1
e-Spartan electric bicycle.

Unlike the e-Troy, Devinci will only offer one model of the e-Spartan with Shimano Deore 12-speed components, which isn’t exactly the same build as its little sister. Devinci have upgraded the brakes to Shimano XT for better stopping power.

Devinci e-Spartan Deore 12s

  • Frame: Optimum G04 Aluminum, 170mm Travel
  • Fork: Fox Float 38 Performance E-Bike GRIP, 180mm travel, 44mm offset
  • rear shock absorber: Fox DHX2 Performance Elite
  • Transmission: Shimano Deore M6100
  • Brakes: Shimano XT M8120/M8100, 4-piston
  • Tires: V2 Comp rims on Formula DC-711 / EHL-148 hubs
  • Price: 7,379 euros.

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