DeLorean will present its reborn electric car sooner than expected

If yesterday we knew new aesthetic details about the reborn DeLorean, today the company has officially announced its new filing date. At first, everyone was betting – including the brand – that her coming-out would take place at Pebble Beach and her elegance pageant that would take place next August. However, from the board they seem to have reconsidered in this regard and have advanced the presentation date a few months, at least digitally.

About the new DeLorean, which will be called Returnedwe have been able to speak on numerous occasions because this will mean the return of the mythical protagonist model of the saga Return to the future, only it will completely do away with its primal heat engine mechanics in favor of a purely electrical orientation. Although the specific data regarding said mechanics will remain secret until the day it is fully revealed.

As we say, until today, we all took for granted that his presentation would be in August on the lawn of the aforementioned luxury event. This has not really changed, because it will be there where the company will show live and direct the lines that its electric car will enjoy, and even according to rumors, next to it there will be several conceptual models (one per decade) on how the original model would have evolved until it reached the contemporary.

Through an official statement released through the official twitter account of DeLorean, this will be presented digitally to everyone on May 31, that is, the last day of this same month. However, and for the most impatient, from the company they have enabled in their official website a small questionnaire through which, the interested party who registers, will be able to receive said official communication of his presentation 24 hours before, on May 30.

As we say, in the model’s own official website shows a countdown of 25 days, 16 hours and 44 minutes -at the time of writing this article-. In this portal you can only interact through two commands, the first and located under said countdown in which we can register to be the first to know everything about the car; while the second command will take us to know the entire history of the original model from the 80s, spare parts, sales, etc.

Aesthetically it is known that this modernized model will have the mythical triple horizontal slat located on its rear window, as well as LED taillights that will cross the entire width of the model; also will continue to feature its classic gull-wing doors. Specific data about its mechanics are not yet known, although it is expected that its autonomy reaches 500 kilometers for each full charge, as well as performance that lives up to expectations.

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