Delorean shows off the three cars they would have released if it hadn’t gone bankrupt years ago

Delorean will physically show the first model of its new stage next August, during the Pebble Beach elegance contest that is held in the United States annually. Before that, however, the American firm has been allowed to show through several renders what could have been their models from the past if the company had not gone bankrupt.

It is a total of three concept cars with different mechanical schemes which at the moment are nothing more than digital illustrations, so they are not real models. However, and given that the brand has already announced that it intends to market electric cars beyond the Delorean Alpha V, the images shown by the brand can be taken as a first preview of what is to come for its part in the coming years.

The firm has drawn on its past relationship with science fiction to format these models, as it states that Alpha 2, Alpha 3 and Alpha 4which is what they are called, and which could well have been launched in the years 1996, 2006 and 2013, respectively. All of them with concepts clearly different from each other.

DeLorean Alpha 2 Concept.

Of the three models shown, the sportiest is the Alpha 2. In fact, it can be defined as a sports really, Well, it stands out due to the concept of the Alpha V and its more GT approach thanks to a much more aggressive and clearly sporty bodywork and design. Elements such as the wheels or the B-pillar in contrast to the volume that makes up the roof make a nod to the most retro past of the firm. Theoretically, the technical scheme under its hood is based on a gasoline engine.

Delorean Alpha 3.

The Delorean Alpha 3 arrives to be the most practical model of the firm, or at least conceptually speaking (with the permission of the SUV). It’s about a station wagon with shooting-brake style bodywork and an all-electric powertrain. Its body panels are made of aluminium, the rear doors have a gull-wing opening and the side windows are finished in body color to increase privacy.

Delorean Alpha 4.

Finally, the Delorean Alpha 4 is an SUV Supposedly launched in 2013, it relies on the hydrogen fuel cell for its propulsion. The brand also refers to a pick-up variant derived from this model in the sketches it has shown.

Although the brand wanted to illustrate how its non-existent past could have been through these models, the truth is that they all potentially show which way the brand will go if it ends up shaping a range of models. Before that, however, he has to show off the Alpha V and market it before he can think about developing a range of more models.

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