Deliveries of electric Ford F-150 Lightning begin

And the day came. The United States already lives in the era in which Ford has introduced the electric version of its prized F-150. American trucks will never be the same after the start in deliveries of the Ford F-150 Lightning. In this way, the oval brand anticipates Tesla’s plans to conquer the incipient and important market for electric pick-ups. The first customers have already received their precious units, and soon we will have the first impressions that will show if the wait was worth it.

So much has been said about the Ford F-150 Lightning that we couldn’t wait for the first customers to start enjoying it. After Tesla’s announcement to launch an electric pick-up, Ford saw the ears of the wolf and got down to work with the development of its first electric truck. In three years of development we have been discovering the F-150 Lightning little by little, detail by detail. It has been a few months since she was fully unveiled, but it has not been until now when the first clients have begun to receive her.

The process has been tough and more tortuous than many expected. Jim Farley, CEO of Ford, has acknowledged on more than one occasion that development has meant overcoming different challenges, but the reward was worth it. And so much yes. Positioning itself as the first electric pick-up is going to help Ford a lot to dominate the category as it has been doing for decades with the thermal versions of its F-Series family, the most popular in the industry.

Ford’s electric pick-up order book exceeds 200,000 records.

Although Rivian, with the R1T, has officially been the first to launch an electric truck on the market, RJ Scaringe’s company cannot compete in power and production capacity with the American giant. The launch must also have been a small stick for Tesla and Elon Musk. The American tycoon hoped to be the first in that unknown land, but multiple delays with development have meant that the Tesla Cybertruck has been successively delayed. The next release date is in 2023.

These delays have been used by Ford to execute its advanced plans. Although the Cybertruck will arrive with a significant collection of reservations, Ford has a very important competitive advantage, both for image and for production capacity. The first customers can already enjoy it, and that will encourage more buyers to get their services. Despite this, Ford does not plan mass deliveries as manufacturing capacity is limited, even though the company has doubled down more than once.

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