Daimler Truck tests liquid hydrogen-powered truck ready for series production

The truck manufacturer Daimler Truck has launched a pilot project with a fuel cell truck powered by liquid hydrogen.

The start of serial production of hydrogen-based trucks is planned for the second half of the decade. In addition, a newly installed service station prototype at the development and testing center in Wörth (Germany) allows refueling with this fuel.

During the refueling process, liquid hydrogen at 253 degrees below zero is fed into two 40-kilogram tanks mounted on either side of the chassis. Thanks to the particularly good insulation of the vehicle’s tanks, the hydrogen can be kept at this temperature for a sufficiently long time without the need for active cooling.

The objective of the development of the GenH2 truck, ready for series production, is to achieve a range of up to 1,000 kilometres. This makes the truck suitable for flexible and demanding applications, especially in the long-haul segment.

At the same time, Daimler Truck is working together with Linde on the development of a new process for handling liquid hydrogen. This method allows, among other things, a higher storage density and greater ease of refueling compared to LH2.

Regarding the infrastructure of hydrogen filling stations in Europe, Daimler Truck plans to collaborate with the companies Shell, BP and TotalEnergies. In addition, it is a shareholder in the hydrogen service station operator H2 Mobility Deutschland.

Similarly, Daimler Truck, Iveco, Linde, OMV, Shell, TotalEnergies and the Volvo group have committed to working together to help create the conditions for the mass deployment of hydrogen trucks in Europe as part of the H2Accelerate interest group. (H2A).

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