DAF Trucks delivers five heavy-duty electric trucks to Amazon

DAF Trucks has delivered to Amazon a new fleet of five electric trucks with which to carry out the “intermediate mile” transport. These are the first trucks of their kind that Amazon operates in Europe. Specifically, said delivery has occurred in the United Kingdom department of the internet giant.

Amazon has been working for several years to decarbonize its operations worldwide. Recall that the North American brand has already made a huge acquisition from Rivian of its electric delivery van, known as ADV. In Europe, it has also entered into important agreements with top-tier manufacturers, such as Stellantis, so that they can provide a series of zero-emission vehicles with which to carry out its “last mile” delivery work.

Now in the UK Amazon will have a fleet of five heavy-duty electric trucks on which to carry out the logistics distribution within the corporation itself. These vehicles will have an operational transport capacity of up to 37 tons. The delivered model is a DAC CF Electric, which has an electric motor with a power of 210 kW (286 CV) that is powered by a battery pack with a gross capacity of 350 kWh (315 kWh of useful capacity).

According to Eelco van Veen, DAF Trucks Fleet Sales Manager, with smart route planning and proper use of fast charging, andthis electric truck is capable of registering autonomies greater than 500 kilometers in a single day of work. This is a fairly considerable figure if we take into account the distances that its operators travel on a daily basis and, above all, that these models will be in charge of medium-distance routes, so their operational capacity will be more than sufficient for day to day. of the company.

In this way, AAmazon is positioned as one of the first companies in the world to put heavy-duty electric trucks on the road and on its daily routes. With this they hope to take an important step towards becoming a net company in carbon emissions by the year 2040.

In the statement provided by both companies, other details of the agreement have not been specified, such as the economic investment that Amazon has made to host this new mobility technology, or if DAF Trucks has delivered its fast charging systems to supply energy to its enormous batteries. According to the trucking firm, the CF Electric can fully charge your battery pack in just 75 minutesas long as it is connected to a charging station with a power of 250 kW.

At the moment, Amazon is still waiting to receive a new supply of transport vehicles in Europe and the United States. In our region, the company would be pending to sign a new delivery of 1,800 Mercedes Vans vehicles, which so far is the largest order for electric vehicles from Mercedes. Additionally, across the pond, Amazon expects to receive the first major delivery of 10,000 Rivian electric van units this year.

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