Dacia already has the cheapest electric on the market, but it will continue with diesel and gasoline for as long as it can

Due to the approach and focus of its products, Dacia is one of the most peculiar brands of all those operating in Europe. It is a relatively young firm, which was resurrected by the Renault Group and thanks to a successful positioning of their cars, has acquired a fixed market share that it intends to maintain in the transition to electric cars. It is precisely for this reason, as the brand itself declares, that Dacia will continue to sell diesel and gasoline cars “as long as it can”.

These are textual words that the Dacia CEO Dennis Le Vothas been in charge of ratifying during the Dacia Brand Manifesto, the event during which they have presented the values ​​that will make up Dacia’s strategy for the coming years, as well as a conceptual model called Dacia Manifesto Concept, which will be in charge of embodying the attributes in around which the next Dacia models will be designed.

Le Vot has declared that within the consortium, and given Renault’s total commitment to electric cars, Dacia will be the firm that is in charge of contemplating the two alternatives for as long as it can, since the brand’s mission is, depending on the speed with which the market evolves, be present in all areas.

Dacia spring 2023 1
Dacia Spring 2023.

“Renault is going to strive to be the champion of electric motors, this has a risk. This is also Dacia’s raison d’être. Depending on how quickly the market converts to electric motors and the appetite of customers , Dacia is here. The two things can coexist.”

So far, the truth is that it can be said that Dacia is entering the field of electric mobility on the right foot. They only have one 100% electric car for sale at the moment, and this ta accumulates more than 12% of the total sales of the Romanian brand.

It is, of course, the Dacia Spring. A model that, thanks to its origin (sold under the Renault brand in emerging markets) has managed to become the most affordable electric car on the Spanish market, and one of the most interesting in Europe. In our country it is available from 20,305 euros before including any type of promotional campaign or state incentives. The total cost can be reduced as much as 13,205 euros only with the inclusion of the Moves III Plan.

In 2023 the hybrid version of the Dacia Jogger will arrive, with up to 7 seats.

Recently Hybrids and Electrics has been able to see and touch, for the first time, the renewal of the Dacia Sprig. A restyling that is marked by the new front design that shows off the brand’s new corporate image.

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