Connected cars “will change the rules of the game”, according to Luca de Meo

It was already known that the arrival of 5G to the general public would bring great benefits to all industries and, more particularly, to the automobile industry thanks to connections between vehicles, through urban furniture itself and software updates of the cars themselves. . This is something that we can already see come true, although in recent statements by Luca de Meo, CEO of Renault, together with Cristiano Amon, CEO of Qualcomm, they took this one step further and They talked about how much the arrival of the smart and connected car holdssomething that “will change the rules of the game”.

We have already seen in other companies like the connected vehicle features advancements such as subscription services to activate certain comfort technologies (such as heated seats), as well as other types of techniques, such as the steering rear axle in the Mercedes EQS, for example. Luca de Meo believes that this is just the beginning and already points to enormous progress in this regard, in addition to adding the Renault Group to the aforementioned subscription services that will unlock different advances through software.

The CEO of Qualcomm believes that current cars are being transformed in a marked way into “connected computers on wheels”, whose purpose will be to make the route between a point A and a point B more comfortable, enjoyable and comfortable. This, according to this same manager, will create a new business model for technology providers as well as for the car manufacturers themselves.

Both Qualcomm and Renault are collaborating closely on the creation of an advanced infotainment interface for the French firm’s vehicles, including the new electric Renault Megane E-Tech, which already uses Qualcomm’s proprietary Snapdragon digital architecture. . These advances will generate a series of new experiences, previously only seen in smartphones or computers. The electric car of the next few years will go much further in customizing its operating system and will present the option of downloading specific applications, as well as updates via OTA.

Until a few years ago, cars were completely closed elements, since they could not offer news or updates once the vehicle was manufactured (at least in most cases). This made cars over the years obsolete and not very updated. With the progress in connectivity systems, the Renault CEO believes that private cars will be better over the years than newly purchased; Contrary to what is known so far.

The electric Renault Megane E-Tech already hosts a Snapdragon digital architecture signed by Qualcomm.
The electric Renault Megane E-Tech already hosts a Snapdragon digital architecture signed by Qualcomm.

This connectivity will allow a greater union between the user and the company itself, since the actual updates of the models, as well as the possibilities that the firm will offer over time, will keep owners united with their own brand of car, something that until now, over the years, almost completely disappeared in most cases. This will also be an important step in reaping new revenue for manufacturers.

Cristiano Amon began by saying that the first great advance in vehicle connectivity occurred when users began to link their mobile phone to the car via Bluetooth; Subsequently, connections via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto arrived, which are already advancing inexorably towards a more complete and integrated automotive system. However, the aforementioned automotive connectivity will continue on its own path in order to carry out the advances that are already planned for the coming years. About this, De Meo is more enthusiastic about the software advances that the vehicles can implement than about the electrical mechanics themselves.

This upgradability technology for future vehicles will bring about a much more stable value of the vehicle over time. Today, and with the exception of a few cases, a car that is purchased at a certain price ends up being devalued over time; This is something that will be alleviated by the possibility of keeping the car “young” for many more years, thus maintaining a higher residual value.

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