Confirmed the two versions with which the electric Subaru Solterra will arrive in Spain

Thanks to the Subaru website in Spain we have known the two versions through which the Subaru Solterra will be marketed in our country. According to the Spanish division of Subaru, this Japanese electric SUV will come in Trek and Touring variants, which will be distinguished from each other by the personality of their design, as well as presumably by their price, which will be confirmed in November.

And it is that Subaru, for the moment, still does not specify what the price rate of the electric Subaru Solterra will be for the Spanish market. Let us remember that it is an SUV whose development has taken place in parallel with the Toyota bZ4xand as such its price list will be close to the Toyota model, although it is not marketed through a traditional purchase method in Spain, but through a subscription system.

For the moment, then, we have to settle for knowing the name of the two versions that will make up the Solterra range in Spain at the time of starting its marketing: Trekking and Touring. Although it is true that the brand has not yet specified in detail what each version will consist of, judging by their names, one will be more appropriate for use in field environments (Trek) and the other in road environments (Touring). , or at least that’s how it will be in terms of appearance.

Based on the little to let know the catalog with which Subaru will make the Solterra known to customers, of the two versions the Trek is the one that seems more modestand the one that will probably be cheaper, since it will have a conventional cloth interior finish instead of the black vegan leather that the Solterra Touring will equip.

Subaru Single.

The two variants, however, will rely on the same drive system. Unlike the Toyota bZ4x, the Solterra will only be available in a single mechanical version, and as usual for the brand, It will be all-wheel drive, and it will be achieved through a double electric motor system (one on each axle).

Each of these engines will yield a power of 80 kW, to place the total power of the Subaru Solterra in the total 160 kW, which is equivalent to 218 hp. Both propellers will be powered by a 71.2 kWh capacity lithium-ion battery that, with a full charge, will be capable of offering up to 460 kilometers of autonomy based on the WLTP cycle.

The Solterra makes use of the e-TNGA electric platform (which Subaru itself calls Global e-Subaru) of “only” 355 V nominal voltage, although this does not prevent it from achieving a higher charging power than many other 400 Vsince it is capable of offering peak powers of up to 150 kW, which means that with a sufficiently powerful charging point, it can replenish up to 80% of the battery charge in 30 minutes.

Control station of the electric Subaru Solterra.
Control station of the electric Subaru Solterra.

The Subaru Solterra is 4.69 meters long, making it, like Toyota’s bZ4x, a D-segment electric SUV, so you’ll have to compete directly against other similar models such as the Volkswagen ID.4 and the Tesla Model Y. It is expected that Subaru will confirm in November all the details of the Solterra range, among which will be its price for Spain.

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