Confirmed the price of the Yamaha Neo’s for Spain: the first Yamaha electric scooter now available

Yamaha officially announces the Yamaha Neo’s price for Spain. We already knew what price it was going to have in the rest of Europe, but we still had to know what its starting rate was going to be for our country. Now the brand’s website confirms that the Neo’s will be slightly more expensive in our country than announced for the rest of the countries, since It will have a base price of 3,199 euros.

It is a cost 100 euros higher than that confirmed by the Japanese firm in the first instance, since they initially announced a price of 3,099 euros for Europe. The 3,199 euros announced for Spain are maintained regardless of the color chosen for the bodywork of the Neo’s; Milky White (white) or Midnight Black (black). It remains to be seen, however, the price of the Neo’s with double battery.

Yamaha thus gives the starting signal to the commercialization of the Neo’s in our country, where thanks to its technical specifications it will be marketed as a cyclototor, like the first two generations of the model from which it takes its name and the characteristic double-optic design front of round proportions.

Yamaha Neo's
Yamaha Neo’s

As for its electrical system, the new Yamaha Neo’s has relied on a scheme articulated around a removable battery and a hub-type electric motor, stationed in the center of the rear wheel. There will be two sizes of battery available to have more or less autonomy. On the one hand, the simple battery pack will offer 0.967 kWh to travel a total of 37 kilometers based on the WTMC cycle. Opting for the double battery version of 1,934 kWh, autonomy based on the same cycle will be up to 68 kilometers with a full charge.

Like the rest of the mopeds that are sold in our market, the maximum speed is limited to 45 kilometers per hour. For its part, the hub-type electric motor will deliver 2.5kw (3.4 CV) in its maximum power mode, together with this the figure of motor torque is located in 136Nm. There will be two more modes that will limit power delivery; the Eco mode, in which the power will be limited to 1.58 kW, and the Standard, which limits it to 2 kW.

Yamaha Neo's.
Yamaha Neo’s.

With these specifications, and an adjusted starting price, Yamaha expects that during its first full year of commercial operation, the electric Yamaha Neo’s will reap about 10,000 sales.

It is not the only Yamaha electric scooter that will hit European streets soon, as it is still pending to confirm in more detail how the commercial landing of the Yamaha E01 will take place in our market, an equivalent to 125 that promises 100 kilometers of autonomy. .

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