Charging at Tesla Superchargers will be cheaper for other cars through a subscription

Tesla is set to open up its U.S. Supercharger network to other EV brands soon as it looks to access federal funding to expand the network. According to a post on Twitter, Tesla is considering two membership plans for non-Tesla electric vehicle owners.


Tesla is working on a new Supercharger membership to offer to non-Tesla electric vehicle owners as it prepares to open its Supercharger network in the United States.

After opening the network in Europe, where Superchargers use the standard CCS plug, Tesla is preparing to open the network in North America by introducing a new CCS adapter for non-Tesla electric vehicle owners.

The move is expected to take place by the end of the year and comes as the opening of the network is a requirement to access new federal funds to accelerate the deployment of electric vehicle charging stations.


There are two plans:
– Pay per use: Pay per use, access to the Supercharger network.
– Membership: $0.99/month (in the US), access to the Supercharger network, lowest price per kWh


Tesla is still working on rolling out its plan to open up the network to other electric vehicles, and last night we got a glimpse of it, as Tesla briefly allowed people in the US to subscribe to a Supercharger in the country:

Tesla quickly pulled the option from the app, which it presumably launched prematurely as it doesn’t yet have any stations in the US open to non-Tesla EVs.


Each membership is limited to a maximum of five Supercharger charging sessions per day.

It appears that Tesla has removed the new feature from the app. Perhaps they rushed the publication, or perhaps they have withdrawn it due to a mistake in the price. We insist that $0.99 per month is strangely low.


On its website it says: “Tesla offers an optional Supercharger membership that allows non-Tesla vehicles to charge at lower pay-as-you-go billing rates than would otherwise apply. A separate membership is required for each Tesla account, and each membership is limited to a maximum of five Supercharger charging sessions per day. The subscription automatically renews each month for a fee charged at the beginning of each month. Subscription price and enrollment details are available in the Tesla app.”

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