ChargeEurope will install 1,000 charging stations in Europe and other countries

Public charging infrastructure continues to advance rapidly. Numerous brands and companies are responsible for operating a network that in a few years will be essential for the electricity strategy facing Europe. The profitability of the network will guarantee its operability. Installation and maintenance have a cost that must be covered by the price of the charge, but there are also other ways to make the charging point profitable, such as advertising. This is the strategy of ChargeEurope, a Polish company now looking to expand rapidly.

We are used to charging points where details are conspicuous by their absence. Very specific in their work, most recharging facilities opt for minimalist and basic aspects. Unlike conventional service stations, many points hardly offer an additional source of income beyond the cost of loading. Prices that differ a lot depending on which company operates the station.

With a different, more commercial point of view, ChargeEurope chooses to include large screens at charging points. Screens that act as an advertising claim for other companies that pay a fee to appear in the flashy spots. In this way it is possible to obtain a second source of income, which in turn could reduce the cost per kWh. The strategy has convinced numerous investors who have encouraged the company to look to the future by expanding its area of ​​activity.

Numerous brands have shown interest in advertising at ChargeEurope points

Croatia, Bulgaria, Poland and France will be the main destinations for ChargeEurope’s commercial charging points. More than 1,000 locations that will expand the public infrastructure. In the Gallic country, the company has announced a strong collaboration with several shopping center chains that will allow the installation of points in bustling car parks. Europe will not be the only focus of the expansion, as ChargeEurope charging points can be seen in countries such as Chile or the Philippines.

The management leadership has declared its particular emotion before the enlargement strategy. Euan Wheatley, COO, said: “Cities no longer have to spend large amounts of taxpayer money to create a charging network for electric vehicles. We are moving into markets with a healthy advertising ecosystem, which allows us to monetize our charging network through partnerships with brands and thus sustain our growth from day one”.

According to the images, ChargeEurope seems to bet mainly on an alternating current charging system with up to 22 kW of power. This policy allows not only to charge 100% electric vehicles, but also plug-in hybrid models quickly. Despite the particular point of view of the company, it is not the only one to offer a commercial point of view on the network. Volta Charging announced a similar business expansion in Europe last year, although the exact number of installations was not specified.

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