Cavnue proposes smart roads for the exclusive use of autonomous vehicles

The total autonomy of the entire mobile fleet will be the next step to be achieved in the coming years. Firms like Mercedes or the Volkswagen Group, among others, are doing a lot on their part so that this becomes a reality sooner rather than later. However, there are many “buts” that this technology adds to the current daily circulation of our congested cities. Thus, Cavnue bets on a network of intelligent roads exclusively for autonomous vehicles. To carry out such a project, they have already received significant investments from public and private companies.

Bringing the autonomous car closer to our daily circulation is proving to be much more complicated than initially projected. There are many possible variables in ordinary driving: a driver has run a traffic light, a child is running after a ball or a cyclist falls right in front of the vehicle while it is moving. These are some examples of times when you have to be especially attentive to driving and present a capacity for reaction that, for now, only humans enjoy. Specialist engineers are currently working on implementing this on new autonomous driving systems.

Precisely because of the difficulty that the attempt to unite the conventional car and autonomous vehicles on the same road is causing, Cavnue proposes to double the circulation routes by making new ones for connected and autonomous cars. The first project on this engineering is expected to be carried out in the US state of Michigan. This particular way It is currently in a state of development with signs of becoming a reality in the coming years..

PHOTO - All vehicles would be connected to each other, as well as to the road itself
All the vehicles would be connected to each other, as well as to the road itself.

Initially, this exclusive corridor for autonomous vehicles will be installed in the southeast area of ​​the aforementioned state of Michigan, specifically between the towns of Detroit and Ann Arbor, where numerous companies and technological groups of outstanding international prestige are located. The startup North American already has substantial support such as the state government itself and the city of Detroit, as well as the University of Michigan or Ford Motor Company, among others.

Currently, this mentioned investment presents a total economic amount of 130 million dollars, through which this company hopes to completely develop all the necessary infrastructure prior to the start of construction work on this particular road. Initially the first section built would have a total length of 40 kilometers and would run parallel to Interstate 94which circulates between the mentioned cities.

In general terms, this project would be responsible for putting the long-awaited autonomous vehicles into circulation, decongesting the aforementioned road, as well as assuming a first step towards neutral road accidents. As we have mentioned, this road would be connected to all the vehicles that circulate along it, as well as these same ones would be linked to each other, thus giving rise to a continuous communication between cars and road.

Although the plans projected by the company do not end there, but in the future, once the technology is already optimized and adapted to the real environment, they hope to continue advancing in the implementation plans and carry out the adaptation works on the roads and main avenues within the cities themselves.

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