CATL finalizes the details to open its first battery factory in the United States

China opens up to the world. The Asian country is the largest producer of batteries for electric cars. Within its borders, manufacturers like CATL dominate the global scene. The company seeks to expand its operations outside China, and for this it is finalizing the details of a new center in the United States. A battery factory that will allow you to be closer to clients as important as BMW or Ford itself.

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co Ltd, more popularly known as CATL, has been the largest producer of batteries for electric cars in the world for five consecutive years. With a very strong margin, CATL is the leading supplier to multiple manufacturers. Its technology and production capacity allow it to lead an industry that now seeks to expand outside the territory of the People’s Republic of China. The United States will soon receive a visit from the company in the form of new facilities.

This strategy has already been followed in Europe. At the beginning of last April, CATL received the approval to start the production of batteries for electric cars in Germany. With an annual production of more than 120 GWh, the German plant will be responsible for producing a modest part of the total. It is planned to reach a peak of 14 GWh per year, although during the first steps of the factory it is not estimated to exceed 8 GWh. Raising this infrastructure has meant CATL disbursing more than 1,800 million euros.

factory-batteries-catl (3)
CATL will invest 1,800 million in this new factory, where it plans to produce 14 GWh of batteries per year.

As for the new American facility, reports suggest that the states of South Carolina or Kentucky They have all the ballots to take the cat to the water. According to Reuters, these locations are being valued for their proximity to two large Volkswagen and Ford factories, both partners of vital importance to CATL. At the moment nothing has been finalized, although we will soon know in detail. These reports suggest that the new facility will start producing during the year 2026, so there is still time.

CATL’s movement is not accidental. In addition to the convenience of getting closer to your business partners, recently the United States Department of Energy has announced a plan of 3,000 million dollars which will promote the local production of batteries for electric vehicles. An advance of the bill that the Biden administration approved last year to expand the productive battery infrastructure with a total endowment of more than 7,500 million dollars.

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