Catalonia “aspires to capture all the rest” of electric car production phases

The Minister of Business and Work of the Generalitat, Roger Torrent, has assured that although Volkswagen installs its battery plant in Sagunt (Valencia), Catalonia “aspires to capture all the rest” of the phases of the electric car production process, and highlights that Seat’s Test Center Energy in Martorell (Barcelona) is a key project in this regard.

In an interview on channel ‘3/24’, he recalled that Perte’s own bases “difficulty concentrating all the phases of the electric car value chain in a certain territory” because they require the involvement of at least two.

He has defended that the Catalan automobile company Silence is “key and very important for the country in the framework of the transition to electric mobility”, and he hopes to be able to take advantage of all the opportunities in this regard.

For the minister, this Friday’s meeting of the works council at Nissan is “the final stretch to have the reindustrialization” of the company finished.

It has reaffirmed its commitment to “generating jobs and its own technology that helps the entire ecosystem, which received a very obvious impact with the closure of Nissan”, and adds that electric mobility projects involve creating a hub of electromobility that will help the entire ecosystem of auxiliary industries.

612 million foreign investment

Asked if Catalonia is no longer attractive to investors, he replied that on the contrary, because in the last year Catalonia has attracted a total of 612 million euros of foreign investment, “a record, the highest figures”.

The Minister explained that 2 out of every 3 euros of foreign investment are in the industrial sector, something that, according to him, makes Catalonia a competitive territory.

He has also argued that Catalonia must play a key role in renewable energies because green hydrogen “is an alternative energy that has a long way to go in the future”.

Regarding the rise in prices, he stressed that the crisis caused by the war in Ukraine “cannot leave the same scars that the 2008 crisis left”, in response to which he asks for different recipes, with expansive and social policies that put People at the center of all decisions.

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