Caselani reinvents the Citroën ë-Berlingo in the purest 2CV style of the 50s

It’s nothing new, but it never ceases to amaze us. Taking something new and giving it a retro feel has always been a powerful source of inspiration for designers and creatives. The best of two eras united under the same product. Bodybuilder Caselani has just presented the latest of his works. A modern van, the Citroën ë-Berlingo, adapted to show the classic look of the industrial version of the Citroën 2CV marketed in the 1950s. A renovation with a retro air that not only serves as a creative sample, since it will be produced from next year.

Retro sells. Vintage has become a reference in the world of design and fashion “everything comes back”. Just as Renault is doing with its mythical Renault 5, Citroën and bodybuilder Caselani wanted to commemorate a golden age of professional vehicles. There was no better reference than the 2CV AU, the official name of the classic 2CV converted to a van and that began its commercial journey in 1951. That van, along with the classic H1, placed the French brand on the map, not only for its qualities, but also for its design.

Beveled panels are part of the company’s creative DNA and although they have long since disappeared, the coachbuilder was very clear that it should be incorporated into this retro-focused van. The composition work has been carried out by the designer David Obendorferwhich in its day already completed similar work with the Type H based on the 2017 Citroën Jumper and the Type HG, created on the 2020 Jumpy/SpaceTourer. In this way, Caselani closes the circle of conversions on the Citroën industrialists.

Not a single detail is missing in this marriage between modern and classic

In this case the basis for the transformation is on the most current model of the Citroën Berlingo. The smallest van in the house is completely unrecognizable thanks to a body kit that completely alters its design. Not a single evocative detail is missing, from the bulging headlights, the pointed shape of the hood, the large grille and the ridged panels. A good union of the old and the modern that customers will soon be able to start enjoying.

And it is that Citroën and the coachbuilder will start production in January of next year, although much earlier you can start booking. On October 1, Citroën opens orders for all those professionals who want to give a special touch to their work vehicle. The kit can be fitted to any mechanics, including the electric version, in the medium body with 4.4 meters long. Later the passenger transport versions may also join this retro fashion. The price is unknown.

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