Canoo could be the partner that MINI is looking for to manufacture the Urbanaut, its MPV

MINI has a goal of becoming a 100% electric brand by the end of the decade. Although the intentions sound ambitious, the English, under the umbrella of BMW, aspire to modify a large part of their product range. In the coming years we will see bodies disappear while new ones are introduced. The MINI Vision Urbanaut is a futuristic electric minivan that we saw a year ago, a concept that MINI seeks to bring to life with the help of a partner like Canoo.

Canoo has positioned itself as one of the most interesting startups on the American continent and one of the most attractive in the electricity market. His mentality contemplates a platform on which different bodies are positioned. A kind of chassis with interchangeable shells. Many traditional manufacturers have set their sights on the company, and new information suggests that MINI could choose it as a partner for the production of the Urbanaut minivan.

As we have already said, the concept presented a year ago refers to a vehicle with advanced autonomous driving systems that completely eliminate the need for a driver. However, the commercial unit that would end up on the market would be much more traditional in that regard, although it would be powered by 100% electrical mechanical systems. It will also change its name, becoming the MINI Traveler, which should see the light after half of the decade..

mini-vision-urbanaut (2)
Conceived as an autonomous minivan, the production model will be more traditional in its approach

MINI is currently looking for a commercial and production partner with which to explore the concept, and Canoo seems to be the most suitable to launch the proposal in the United States. MINI doesn’t have a factory in North America, so it needs someone to build its electric minivan. It is the same strategy that has already been followed in other markets such as China, where Great Wall will be responsible for manufacturing the next MINI Hatch and the MINI Aceman that was presented as a concept last week.

More changes for the next years

And it is that for the next few years MINI is going to change its commercial offer a lot. Starting at the bottom, the MINI Hatch, the three-door, will have thermal and 100% electric versions, like the current Cooper SE, but will reduce its size to somewhat recover the original essence of the company. The 5-door MINI will give way to the Aceman, becoming an electric B-SUV that will stand up to important models in the category such as the Opel Mokka-e or the Peugeot e-2008.

The MINI Clubman will directly disappear so that the Urbanaut/Traveller becomes the most familiar model of the house. Finally there is the matter of the successful MINI Countryman. The SUV will replicate the strategy of the BMW X1 and iX1. It will show electrified thermal versions and 100% electric alternatives. All this will allow MINI to gain EV market share, improving its position for the year 2030 when it will say goodbye to combustion engines.

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