Candela P-8 Voyager, the first electric hydrofoil taxi on the market

These days we were already waiting for news from Candela, since the Venice Boat Show where, for the first time, they are going to present their Candela C-8, their electric hydrofoil boat. However, the news has come in another direction, since the Swedish firm has presented in parallel a variant dedicated to the marine taxi service and which has a mechanical support similar to the one already released on the C-8.

Candela is presented as the first company dedicated especially to the manufacture and marketing of hydrofoil boats with fully electric mechanics. Prior to the C-8, the firm launched the C-7, a smaller size model; today comes to its range what will be presented as its third model, the P-8 Voyager, which bases its foundations on the well-known C-8 and will dedicate its work to short-distance marine passenger transport.

The electric boat company has already convinced the world with the aforementioned previous models, however, some companies specializing in the transport of people required adequate support for this purpose, to which they also added the request that these ships be 100% electric, something to which Candela has already responded.

The Candela P-8 Voyager will make use of its electrical mechanics with hydrofoils for a much smoother and more relaxed navigation.
The Candela P-8 Voyager will make use of its electrical mechanics with hydrofoils for a much smoother and more relaxed navigation.

The Candela P-8 Voyager makes use of the well-known most efficient electric outboard motor in the world, the so-called c-pod. During the development of said engine, its engineers focused their work on basing its design on the aeronautical industry, especially on its exterior design, as well as on its own management software. One of the tasks of this electric motor is to change its orientation depending on the speed at which the ship to which it is attached is moving. Thanks to this, the boat in question you will be able to “take off” from the water and maintain your navigation at more than one meter above sea level through the use of its wings. This leads directly to an improvement in the aerodynamics of the boat and less rattle typical of navigation.

Once in the air, the management software itself will measure the strength and height of the waves in order to counteract their attacks and make navigation smooth and relaxed even in adverse weather conditions. The action of said manager is carried out in periods of about 100 times per second. According to the company’s own head of commercial vessels, Erik Eklund, with this it is possible to transform the navigation of a 30-meter ship into one of 8 meters, avoiding the tranquility of navigation that is carried out on electric models. of Candle.

This system, in addition to being crucial for navigation on the open sea, will also be outstanding in environments such as Venice, where the continuous coming and going of other ships makes navigation very bumpy. Thus, from Candela they accuse that the new P-8 Voyager will be the ideal maritime taxi for said environment. In addition to this, the model is specially designed so that the maintenance required is minimal and, if possible, practically nil, since it does not require changing liquids or other elements typical of thermal engines.

Its sofas can accommodate up to 6 passengers in addition to the crew itself.
Its sofas can accommodate up to 6 passengers in addition to the crew itself.

The Candela P-8 Voyager will cruise at 37 km/h (20 knots) at cruising speed, while its peak will be at 55 km/h (30 knots). Its size is 8.5 meters and it offers interior space for a total of six passengers plus the crew.. Said occupants will be able to accommodate themselves in a U-shaped sofa with generous glazing that will protect them from possible splashes, as well as an electric roof for days when the rain makes an appearance. As expected, your browsing will take place in complete silence thanks to its electrical mechanics.

For the moment, the ship has only been presented in the form of a conceptual design during the event held in Venice. From the company they hope to be able to start its commercialization throughout the next year 2023 at a sale price yet to be determined.

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