Cake will manufacture an electric and 100% ecological off-road motorcycle

The Swedish electric motorcycle company Cake has just announced the development of its first off-road model “truly fossil and emission free” by 2025. To this end, its new factory is in full construction in which the elimination of the emission of harmful gases will be its greatest potential.

This project is being carried out jointly between the Swedish electric motorcycle firm and Vattenfall, a company based in the same country and with which it forms the project “Cleanest Dirt Bike Ever”, with which they seek to reduce the carbon emissions produced in the manufacture of each vehicle and, subsequently, their total elimination of CO2 for the coming years.

Both companies have calculated that Cake generates a total of 1,186 kilos of CO2 during the production of an electric motorcycle. To illustrate this figure, the Swedish company has shown a particular image in which one of its electric vehicles can be seen inside a cube of generous size and in which there is pollution. For this reason, the company is moving towards a completely sustainable project in which the entire manufacturing process and useful life of the model is entirely efficient.

Steve Ytterborn, boss of Cake, assured in a recent speech that his “green vehicle” approach fits in with a complete life without generating carbon emissions. That is why the Swedish firm does not want to rest until all its model production has been completely decarbonized and can be sealed under net carbon emissions.

Cake generates a total of 1,186 kilos of CO2 during the production of an electric motorcycle

The same manager stated that after measuring the CO2 emissions produced in the manufacture of their Cake Kalk OR, they had to make the decision to gradually reduce its harmful effect on the environment and begin to reduce said emissions. In the year 2025 they hope to be able to present a 100% sustainable off-road electric motorcycle. From there, the person in charge affirms that he hopes that other competent companies will also do the same, and that this movement will serve as an inspiration.

For the company’s carbon emissions analysis work, both Cake and Vattenfall have been working for over a year taking the vehicle apart and evaluating the environmental impact of each of its individual components. They also had to enter into conversations with the company’s suppliers to announce the sustainability project.

The plan focuses on the increased use of aluminum, steel and rubber. Additionally, Cake is working with Papershell on the development of a paper-based natural fiber composite to replace plastic, while, in parallel, it is also approaching positions with “other innovative manufacturers of alternative components and materials.

The manager, in his announcement of how many emissions they produce during the manufacture of one of their electric vehicles, stated that “although this figure is high, it is better than the 1,334 kilos emitted during the manufacture of a 46-inch LED television and substantially less than the 23-25 ​​tons that are produced in the manufacture of an electric car”, said the person in charge.

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