CAKE launches its certified used electric motorcycle program

Beyond an attractive and distinctive product, the Swedish electric motorcycle manufacturer CAKE is proud of its sustainability goals. For this reason, it has just presented a new line of business, that of used motorcyclesbased on the program re:cake, which certifies and guarantees them. A green fender with the name of the program inscribed on it It is the hallmark that the electric motorcycle has passed all the manufacturer’s controls and will meet the expectations of its new owner.

Being a company selling new electric motorcycles is one thing. However, CAKE is aware that the growth that this market is experiencing will result in a large number of used vehicles that will be sold again when their owners decide to part with them: not everyone keeps each motorcycle they buy forever. In this scenario, re:cake comes into play, a program that seeks offer the maximum guarantees to the new owners and that expands the sustainable concept of the company.

For years, traditional car and motorcycle dealers have run programs similar to this one. Some of them are supported directly by the manufacturers themselves involved in the inspection and certification of vehicles to ensure their good condition. CAKE becomes the first electric motorcycle manufacturer to undertake such a program.

Program re cake electric motorcycles CAKE-interior
A green fender with the inscription re:cake is the physical hallmark of this program.

According to the company, re:cake implies that each motorcycle offered through this program has passed an evaluation, qualification and renewal process supervised by the brand. In addition, all the motorcycles offered by the brand will have a Warranty period It will depend on its age and the sale price. As the brand explains on its website, “each motorcycle is evaluated individually and therefore receives a particular guarantee for it, which will differ from one item to another.”

CAKE marks the products it sells through this program by incorporating a green fender with the inscription re:cakewith the aim of avoiding scams and guaranteeing that each of the motorcycles has gone through a rigorous evaluation program.

re:cake electric motorcycles are now available via the manufacturer’s website which began this service on April 5. It’s about a first batch which according to CAKE has been extracted from the fleet of demo units and for internal use. However, the objective of the program is that the offer includes second-hand motorcycles delivered by their customers. Later, CAKE will provide more details so that the owners of one of its motorcycles can resell them to the brand, either by delivering them as part of the payment for the purchase of a new one or without the need to purchase a new one.

The current catalog that CAKE has made available to buyers, at the time of writing this article, is mostly made up of Kalk& units whose sale price is 9,900 euros and 11,900 euros (the price of a new unit is 14,500 euros). It is the first motorcycle approved by the brand for use on the road starting with the Kalk OR. Mechanically it has a 15kw electric motor of peak power and a 2.6 kWh capacity battery. The program also includes a unit of the Kalk OR that is sold for 9,900 euros, when its new sale price is 13,500 euros.

Program re cake electric motorcycles CAKE-interior2
Every item sold through the re:cake program includes all the necessary information about the status of the electric motorcycle.

CAKE includes in the sheet of each of these motorcycles all the information about the condition of each one of the components, in addition to its VIN, its date of manufacture and the name of its previous owner. The guarantee granted by the brand for both the motorcycle and the battery and the contact for sale are also reflected.

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