Cadillac finalizes the preparations for the Celestiq, its new super luxury electric

In recent weeks, new and interesting news has arrived from General Motors, since the North American giant is preparing to resume the sale of its models in Europe. One of the brands that will have a greater role in the old continent will be Cadillac, which will land in our territory with some of its electric models, including the Cadillac Lyriq. Now the American firm is finalizing preparations for the presentation of its new super luxury electric car, the Cadillac Celestiq. Will it come to Europe?

This July will see the presentation of the Cadillac Celestiq, a conceptual model in the form of an electric sedan that will be framed as the company’s new flagship. A few days ago, Cadillac published some first teaser of this vehicle, which will be assembled by hand and will have enormous allusions to the most gourmet market.

The Cadillac Celestiq “will have unique proportions and a sophisticated design language,” according to the brand itself. It will pay special attention to details, quality and the comfort of its occupants. Cadillac’s director of advanced design boasted of the model and frames it as “the reincarnation of the standard of the world of premium electric cars”.

The Cadillac Celestiq will present a very striking aesthetic
The Cadillac Celestiq will present a very striking aesthetic

Aesthetically it is expected to keep numerous appendages in common with what has already been seen in the electric Lyriq, although Celestiq’s technology will take all fields one step further. It is known that the deluxe model will house the ultracruise autonomous driving, which is even more advanced than the current Super Cruise. A more widespread use of cameras, radars and LiDAR sensors will make the model present high concessions to dynamic autonomy. Among its qualities will be automatic lane change, react to external stimuli, as well as the ability to park in residential spaces; However, the brand has assured that it will have many more capabilities that are yet to be made official.

In the cabin it is expected that the Celestiq houses a huge “pillar to pillar” screen especially the dashboard, as well as a roof with “intelligent glass” technology, which will be divided into four quadrants so that each of the occupants can regulate their part of the glass roof. In parallel, all the materials used in the vehicle will be of the highest quality and will offer “an unparalleled touch” within the segment.

The sale price is estimated at $300,000 base
The sale price is estimated at $300,000 base

The first signs of its release on the market they estimate a starting price of 300,000 dollars on the US market, something that would frame it directly in battle with Bentley or Rolls-Royce models, although these two companies have not yet launched their own 100% electric alternatives. If it finally landed on the European market, the Celestiq could be even more expensive on your bill for the end customer, which would place it in a margin very close to 400,000 euros.

Its commercial launch will take place at the end of next year 2023. Each of the manufactured units will come under strictly personal and artisan order. Precisely for this reason, they do not expect to reach sales quotas beyond 500 vehicles per year. The presentation of the conceptual model of the Celestiq will take place throughout the month of July and, according to sources close to the company, this will reliably advance the design that will present the commercial model.

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