BYD’s eBus platform for commercial electric vehicles with Blade batteries arrives in Europe

BYD has shown the implementation of the new eBus platform in a 12 meter electric bus designed specifically for Europe. During his presentation at the IAA Transportation of Germany, which takes place this week, the Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer BYD (Build Your Dreams) has shared the new technologies for commercial electric vehicles that it will bring to Europe. The most prominent is the new eBus platform, which implements BYD’s Blade batteries, which it already uses in its electric passenger vehicles.

BYD is currently one of the largest automakers in China. In 2021 alone, its production reached 320,000 units of electric vehicles, ranking second after SAIC. The company recently announced that its car sales in the first half of 2022 reached 641,000 units.

But despite this massive presence in China, BYD also operates in other countries. In the United States, in addition to offering electric trucks to companies like Einride, it has also delivered several electric buses to school districts. But one of the markets in which it is having the most impact is the European. In the Old Continent it continues to expand, especially with its electric buses. It has recently announced its entry into new markets such as Germany or Sweden.

In addition to its own electric vehicles, the company develops other technologies to support them, including batteries. BYD’s Blade Battery technology offers a cell-to-package (CTP), module-free configuration that has even caught the eye of Tesla, which may soon implement them in the Model Y built in Berlin.

BYD eBus platform electric buses electric trucks-interior2
BYD’s new eBus platform frees up 50% more space thanks to the use of Blade batteries, increasing their capacity and reducing the weight of the chassis, which contributes to greater autonomy.

Blade batteries are currently present in all BYD electric cars, such as the Seal and the Han. Now, with this presentation in Hannover, Germany, BYD announces its implementation in commercial electric vehicles with the new all-electric eBus platform and two new trucks.

BYD shared some details of its new eBus Blade platform which it describes as “highly adaptable”, and which Free up 50% more space thanks to the use of these batteries. In this way it allows to increase its capacity and, at the same time, reduce the weight of the chassis, which contributes to achieving greater autonomy.

During the presentation, the company announced that the eBus platform is already being shown in a state-of-the-art 12-meter electric bus, designed specifically for Europe, where it has made its debut. This vehicle shares exposure with others two electrified BYD trucks: a 7.5-tonne urban delivery truck called the ETM6, and the ETH8, a 19-tonne electric truck for logistics and waste collection.

BYD has yet to announce the specifications of the new Blade battery-powered electric bus it will provide to European fleets, although BYD Europe Commercial Vehicles Vice President of eBus Sales Javier Contijoch shared his enthusiasm for this vehicle: “We are pleased to present the BYD’s latest technological innovations to European customers, spanning eTrucks and eBuses.” The leader affirms that the eBus Blade platform represents the greatest advance in the electrification of this sector in which he hopes to increase the number of strategic partners and establish more collaborations to provide localized services and high levels of support.

BYD eBus platform electric buses electric trucks-interior1
The BYD eBus Blade platform is on display at Germany’s IAA Transportatios in a state-of-the-art 12-meter electric bus specifically designed for Europe alongside two electrified trucks: ETM6 and ETH8.

For now, BYD nor has it provided a timetable for the incorporation of these new commercial vehicles in European fleets and has not specified whether the company plans to deliver them in other markets.

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