BYD steps on the accelerator: launches in Europe later this year

BYD is one of the largest electric car manufacturers in China. Located as the second largest producer in the Asian country, just behind the SAIC Group, the company’s expansion plans aim to conquer important markets such as Japan and Europe. BYD has just announced a new business partner for the old continent, which will allow it to make the first deliveries before the end of this year. Two countries will be the pioneers in receiving the first units of the Chinese brand.

Years ago BYD already tried a similar move with European importers. The automobile division hardly had a significant impact, although it was possible to see some models circulating on the street. Nevertheless, the little reliability and the scarce network of official workshops was a problem for a greater acceptance. A new attempt was made in the middle of last year, delivering 1,500 units of the BYD Tang in Norway. The third attempt will be different since this time BYD has chosen to find a business partner to support the landing.

The Chinese have chosen Hedin Mobility as a partner in this particular adventure. It will be the company’s distributor in Europe and through an official statement it has shown what its plans are for BYD’s expansion in the territory. The first thing is the opening of sales and after-sales centers in the main cities of the countries where marketing will begin: Sweden and Germany. Both will have the honor to say that they were the first to officially sell BYD on European soil.

BYD Seal.
It has not yet been specified which models will arrive in Europe, but surely the BYD Seal is among them

Those responsible for the firm have been delighted with this new step in their commercial adventure: “We are delighted to be able to offer leading technologies within our inspiring range of passenger cars to the German and Swedish public. We believe now is the perfect time to meet consumer demand for greener solutions. Our partnership with the respected Hedin Mobility Group has great potential in Sweden and Germany. Together we hope to develop a sustainable transport future in both countries”.

At the moment they have not been specified which will be the first BYD models to set foot on the old continent, although surely the BYD Seal will be one of the most prominent. The rival model of the Tesla Model 3 has already conquered the Chinese market without having gone on sale. The company has received more than 60,000 reservations for the saloon days before starting marketing. Its attractive price and its wide autonomy, up to 700 kilometers in the CLTC cycle, have allowed it to gain many followers before stepping on the asphalt.

It must be said that BYD’s association with the Hedin Mobility Group refers exclusively to passenger vehicles. The transport and heavy vehicles section will operate independently as before. BYD has managed to sign many contracts for its electrified buses, being able to see them in many cities in Europe, such as Madrid.

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