BYD plans to open an electric car factory in Europe to encourage its conquest

We are getting used to the ambitious plans of Chinese brands. Pushed by their own government, companies like NIO, XPeng or BYD present very ambitious strategic plans. The sale of electric cars is not his only interest with respect to Europe, the plans contemplate much more. That is at least the case BYD, which could be considering opening a factory in Europe. Rumors point to it, and that the manufacturer has not yet entered the market, although very soon it will.

BYD not only focuses on the production and sale of cars, but is also one of the largest producers of electric car batteries in the market. Its cells mobilize models from different companies, such as Tesla. With that knowledge learned, the most natural leap is the production of its own electrics on a global scale. With a large market share conquered in China, BYD has set its sights on the old continent. Before the end of the year they will deploy their first commercial units.

The Chinese have chosen an important trading partner to enter the leading European countries: Sweden and Germany. Considered one of the largest distributors on a continental level, Hedin Mobility is responsible for marketing BYD units in the different countries in which its presence is planned. In the future, the brand’s models are expected to reach other markets such as France, Italy or Spain.although the answer will be very conditioned depending on the electricity market share of each country.

The BYD Atto 3 would be one of the company’s first models to officially arrive in Europe

Beyond sales, BYD is already considering opening a production center in Europe. The company’s factory in Shenzhen is responsible for general manufacturing. A large facility located in the company’s hometown, considered to be the fourth most populous city in all of China. During an interview with Autocar magazine, Brian Yang, BYD’s deputy general manager in Europe, stated that the prospect of manufacturing cars locally is a very interesting option: “we are seriously thinking about some localization plans.”

Regarding that location search, Yang himself has stated: “We don’t have a solid plan. We have only just begun to learn and really understand the needs of our customers, but if all goes well and we build all the foundations and the sales structure here that could lead to looking for some exact location. It will be done step by step.” We can’t expect BYD to jump headlong into building an expensive factory without first groping what is expected to be one of the world’s largest electricity markets.

It is clear that European policies encourage companies to enter the market. The BYD Tang, BYD Han and BYD Atto 3 will be the first three models of the house to arrive in Europe officially. At the moment the BYD Seal has not been announced, which is presented as one of the toughest rivals of the Tesla Model 3. With autonomy announced between 550 and 700 kilometers, the electric saloon is already a success in its own country, having accumulated more than 22,637 reservations in its first six hours of orders.

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