BYD dares with the cradle of the hybrid car and confirms its arrival on the Toyota and Honda market

The Chinese manufacturer of electric and hybrid cars BYD has confirmed that during the next 2023 it will start its commercial activity in the market in which the hybrid car was born, Japanwhere firms such as Toyota and Honda dominate with an iron fist thanks to their electrified offer.

The Asian firm has made the announcement official through a conference held in Japan, in which it has disclosed its expansion plans in the neighboring country in detail.

As they have detailed, their arrival on the Japanese market will be made up of a offensive of three electric cars. The one that will first reach the streets and points of sale of the brand will be the BYD-Atto 3, which is essentially a model that is marketed in China through the Yuan brand but conveniently refreshed for the occasion. The BYD-Atto 3 it will start its journey as soon as January 2023.

Conference held by BYD to publicize its entry into the Japanese market.
Conference held by BYD to publicize its entry into the Japanese market.

Later, the two BYD models that have attracted the most attention from the media and the public in recent times will arrive in Japan. On the one hand, the BYD Dolphin will play the role of a compact electric car. It is a model inspired by the Volkswagen ID.3, and it will be positioned as a somewhat more technological and more careful-looking alternative to the BYD-Atto 3.

On the other hand, the latest model confirmed for Japan by the Chinese brand has been the BYD Seal, which is one of the electric cars that has raised the most curiosity in the market in recent months, since it is a model developed and designed to compete directly with the Tesla Model 3.

According to what the brand itself has said, with these three electric cars they intend to provide more options and improve the local market supply of electric passenger vehicles. However, it should be noted that at the moment, and although in Japan hybrid cars have become the dominant trend on the streets, The truth is that the manufacturer with the most weight in the country, Toyota, continues to be reluctant in terms of a massive adoption of the electric car.

The BYD Han EV lands in Spain
The BYD Han has not been confirmed for Japan.

It is for this last reason that it is striking that the brand has not mentioned its best seller, the BYD Hanwhich since it is available with both a 100% electric option and a plug-in hybrid, seems like a better option for the Japanese market.

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