Brufau (Repsol): “Let the citizen decide if he wants an electric or combustion car”

The president of Repsol, Antonio Brufau, has criticized the ban on selling internal combustion vehicles from 2035 due to the European Commission’s proposal and has described the measure as a “real mistake”.

In his speech at the shareholders’ meeting of the energy company, Brufau pointed out that in Europe, “unfortunately, all the regulations” limit technologies “a lot” towards a single direction, in reference to electrification, to solve the decarbonization of the economy .

“This is a serious mistake, because neither will electrification reach all sites nor will electrification be competitive (in terms of costs),” Brufau stressed.

The president of the energy company has also considered that the European Commission’s proposal to ban internal combustion cars “forces” everyone to switch to electric vehicles.

“The electric vehicle is going to be a great opportunity, but it doesn’t have to be the only one”, argued Brufau before pointing out that banning internal combustion cars will imply disinvestments in technology, that “no one changes cars” -and therefore more is consumed – and that some companies (such as Repsol) lose “incentives” to investigate synthetic fuels or biofuels.

“These are not decisions that politicians have to make, they are decisions that citizens have to make, who are the ones who will pay the bill for the energy transition. Let’s leave it to the citizen to decide if they want an electric or combustion vehicle,” he insisted. .

In addition, he has criticized that this type of regulation sets limits instead of motivating innovations and has advocated allowing companies to compete.

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