Bosch will invest 500 million euros in hydrogen electrolysis until 2030

Until the end of the decade, the Bosch industrial group will invest close to 500 million euros in the business of components for hydrogen electrolysis, half of them at the time of its market launch, scheduled for 2025.

The German company is supplying the cell, the core of the hydrogen electrolysis system, which is combined with power electronics, sensors and a control unit to create an intelligent module. Cells for hydrogen generation are expected to go into production from 2025.

“We have a broad base for developing hydrogen technologies and we want to promote their production in Europe. We expect the global market for electrolyser components to rise to around €14 billion by 2030,” said Bosch President Stefan Hartung.

The company believes in hydrogen as the fuel of the future and is also working on stationary and mobile fuel cells. One of the intended uses for the former is as small ‘on-site’ power plants for cities, shopping malls or business parks and as charging points for electric vehicles.

It also plans to use mobile fuel cells to facilitate climate-neutral transport of goods and merchandise, initially by truck.

In this sense, Bosch intends to invest, over the next three years, some 3,000 million euros in climate-neutral technology such as electrification and hydrogen.

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