BMW will show new advances on its future electric cars “Neue Klasse”

BMW has repeated actively and passively that the future of its electric models goes through a new technological generation in all aspects and which they call Neue Klasse. This will mean an advance on the fundamental aspects of the model in question. However, the brand does not expect to launch a first definitive vehicle of the “New Class” on the market until at least 2025. However, new information issued directly by Oliver Zipse, CEO of the company, suggests that certain novelties that revolve around this new generation of cars will begin to be revealed sooner than expected.

Zipse has made these disclosures during BMW’s semi-annual report with its shareholders. Among other novelties, it was commented that the arrival of the first “Neue Klasse” would take place on an SUV model and an electric sedan, as we already talked about here a few days ago. He also mentioned the possibility of exploring the use of hydrogen fuel cells on these models.

While the BMW executive spoke about the technical and technological advances that the “Neue Klasse” models will install, he timidly announced that the IAA 2023 will be the chosen event to show and test for the first time a “spectacular digital experience” for attendees to fully immerse themselves in the advances that the new generation of electric cars will bring.

A first advance on this section will arrive this year at the celebration of the Paris Motor Show, which will take place at the beginning of next October; which will be a first step that will be completed with the 2023 Munich Motor Show (IAA 2023), which will be held in early September next year.

The BMW Vision M Next concept model.
BMW will show some advances that will incorporate the electric models “Neue Klasse”

Also, the world’s largest fair on technology, Las Vegas CES 2023, will also host a preview of what will hit the market in a few years. The BMW leadership intends to present a “digital vision vehicle” in said event, as they have called it. Interestingly, CES 2023 will also be the space chosen by BMW for the presentation of a new NEXTGen concept model. The last time BMW held a “NEXTGen” event, at the end of 2020, it culminated in the unveiling of the current BMW iX.

The last Munich Motor Show in 2021, the company showed its concept model, the BMW i Vision Circular, which anticipated numerous aspects that would come to the company in the coming years. These were such as recycling of materials or solid state batteries. During the next IAA 2023, the German firm will show a new concept that “will show our digital experience, both for our vehicles and for other companies and partners in the technological environment around the world.” The conceptual model that will be presented at said event will have as its objective the “taking things to the next level”.

To date, for the next year 2023, there is only official confirmation of the presentation of the new BMW i5 and its BMW i5 Touring variant. However, it is clear that the Bavarian firm is already planning new presentations in the form of concept vehicles that will advance the technology that will hit the market in the coming years.

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