BMW will explore hydrogen in its new and versatile Neue Klasse platform

It is no secret that BMW is working on a new generation of electric cars. The hopes placed on the Neue Klasse platform are high. The Germans hope to make it the cornerstone of their future strategy. A modular and versatile architecture that will allow integration with various electrical formats, including hydrogen. The CEO of BMW himself has commented that the company will explore the use of fuel cell systems in its brand new Neue Klasse platform (New class).

Those in Munich are marked in red, and in all colors, the year 2025. Within three years BMW will make a radical change to its entire product portfolio. The new versatile platform will become the main axis on which all future strategies will pivot. The Neue Klasse will become the company’s new Messiah, allowing new concepts to be explored and a greater number of mechanical versionsincluding hydrogen, to which BMW has always looked favorably despite multiple oppositions.

Over the years BMW has developed and displayed different units based on hydrogen as the main fuel. Currently working on the BMW iX5 Hydrogen. Its development is not yet complete, although At the end of the year they hope to launch a small series of models on the market. that will be sold and shown to the world as a clear example that hydrogen has a place in our lives as a clean and efficient fuel.

BMW has always opted for hydrogen, and will continue to do so

BMW believes that the role of hydrogen in individual mobility should be reevaluated, as the industry currently proposes it exclusively for the logistics and freight transport sector. In BMW’s opinion, hydrogen is the key missing piece in the puzzle, being able to complete the concept of electromobility. This importance focused on the precious element is what has led them to propose a new generation platform capable of adapting to multiple solutions.

The CEO of the company, Oliver Zipse, has been in charge of transmitting the multiple options of the Neue Klasse platform. Although it has been developed for electric models, it has also been designed for the development of hybrid systems based on hydrogen.. A fuel cell capable of burning hydrogen and generating electricity capable of being stored in a battery and released to electric motors.

The question is: when will we see those units? Not even Zipse has ventured to give specific dates. The range of launches is very high, and will largely depend on the response of the market, but the option is always possible. The Neue Klasse platform will make an appearance in 2025 with the launch of an SUV and a D-segment sedan. Its production will start that same year at the plant in Hungary to later expand manufacturing at the Munich factory in 2026.

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