BMW will adopt the Android Automotive system in its new models

BMW has always boasted of having an operating system with a very logical and intuitive use. Recently, the new updated version of the BMW iX was unveiled, the so-called BMW OS 8. This advanced in new personalization criteria, as well as in providing the passenger compartment of the model in question with a more generous double screen (BMW Curved Display) and with redesigned graphics. Nevertheless, from next year, BMW will adopt, in parallel, the Android Automotive operating system for some of their models.

Brands like Polestar have already adopted this operating system, although many others are yet to come, such as Ford or Hyundai, among others. It is particularly strange that BMW has chosen to adopt Android Automotive, since until very recently, the models of the Munich firm did not have the possibility of Android Auto mobile connection and only had Apple CarPlay. Although the operating system Martian has made notable progress in recent years, this movement by the Germans is still curious.

This information has come to light after BMW’s senior vice president of technical development and connected company operations, Stephan Durach, announced such a move during the Automobil-Elektronik Kongress celebration in Ludwigsburg, although he did not give many specific details about it. . Apparently, Android Automotive will be presented from next year as an alternative to BMW’s own operating systemwhich they will continue to maintain and will continue to be the vehicle’s default software.

Probably, the new BMW iX1 will equip this novelty

Google’s operating system is presented as an open and customizable software system, so it will be easy for BMW engineers to adapt it to their own tastes and needs. However, despite having this open source architecture, Android Automotive will continue to present applications as common as Google Maps or Google Assistant, as well as other alternatives that the user can install personally.

Although BMW has not announced which models specifically will adopt this new alternative operating system, it has been revealed that this will begin its journey in some models of the Bavarian firm from March 2023, that is, coinciding with the launch of new models such as the BMW i7, which will hit the market a few months earlier. Other potential models that could incorporate it will be the renewed BMW X7 or the BMW iX1. However, recently launched vehicles, such as the BMW i4 or the BMW iX, have the possibility of wireless updating, so it cannot be ruled out that these cars already in circulation have the possibility of hosting this new alternative through OTA updates. .

Regardless of how prominent this announcement is, BMW has always been much more involved in installing Apple CarPlay and seeing the enormous progress that this operating system signed by the Cupertino brand has triggered, it is likely that with its update in the middle of next year , BMW models present the triple possibility of having their own operating system, Android Automotive or Apple CarPlay, alternatively and according to the taste and interest of its own user, something very similar to what is currently happening through mobile connections but with much more advanced systems that will be able to integrate all the information related to driving, especially in Apple CarPlay. More specific details will be given in the coming months.

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