BMW to manufacture more than 600,000 electric motors a year in Austria

The BMW group will invest some 1,000 million euros until 2030 in the transformation of its plant in Steyr, Austria, with the aim of producing and developing ‘in situ’ the next generation of electric motors of the group and that from 2025 the location is capable of producing mmore than 600,000 electric motors annually. These engines will be the ones that find a place in the new series of electric cars “Neue Klasse” brand.

As reported by BMW itself in a statement, to carry out these tasks the existing production areas will be reformed, as well as creating new spaces. Among them, a new two-story production hall will house two assembly lines for electric motors, including transmission assembly.

A second new building will expand the logistics areas. As a result, the total production area will be expanded by about 60,000 square meters. The investment in production will amount to about 710 million euros until 2030.

The Steyr plant has been developing and manufacturing combustion engines for the BMW and Mini brands for more than 40 years, and today one in two vehicles of the German concern worldwide has an engine made in Steyr. The brand expects that by 2030 around half of the 4,400 employees at the facility will work in the field of electromobility, while currently a third of Steyr’s 700 developers already work around this type of technology.

BMW engine factory in Steyr, Austria.

The increased capacity will ensure that Steyr remains the BMW Group’s main powertrain location. The plant will manufacture all the main components of the electric power train: the rotor and stator, the transmission, the inverter and the casing. Components that will take shape in two new assembly lines within the factory.

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