BMW shows the BMW M Hybrid V8, its endurance car for 2023

Before his circuit testing phase begins, BMW He has shown the public his competition car with which they will take part in the endurance races next season. Is named BMW M Hybrid V8and despite its undeniable racing car design, it shows clear signs in common with BMW’s road models.

Without a doubt, the most characteristic element and the one that brings the most personality to BMW passenger cars is the double kidney that its models look like a front grille, and it is what the BMW design department has incorporated into the BMW MHybrid V8.

The brand has called it “wide kidney” on this occasion, and along with several other details, such as the 50th anniversary logo on the hood, the twin lights with the BMW icon or the window graphic with the legendary Hofmeister elbow. The camouflage type paint with the colors of the brand’s M division also help.

BMW MHybrid V8.

Franciscus van Meel, CEO of BMW M GmbH, commented in the statement regarding the presentation of the BMW M Hybrid V8 how complicated it has been to provide the model with an image that is recognizable as a BMW and at the same time take advantage of everything so that the prototype could perform on track: “The most critical task and the greatest challenge for the design team of the LMDh program was than the prototype it had to be clearly recognizable as a BMW M Motorsport car. And I can say this to all fans, just one look is enough to confirm that the BMW M Hybrid V8 is a BMW. It clearly carries the BMW M genes. I also love the camo paint with its references to the brand’s great history in North America. Congratulations to the design and aerodynamics departments of BMW M Motorsport and Dallara for their great work. I am looking forward to seeing the BMW M Hybrid V8 on the track soon.”

BMW has not gone into details regarding the technique of the BMW M Hybrid V8, so at the moment we only know for sure that it will have a 4-liter turbocharged V8 as the main protagonist in the hybrid scheme.

BMW MHybrid V8.
BMW MHybrid V8.

With the presentation of the model, the sports division of the German firm puts an end to its development to face an imminent testing phase. However, BMW has not been alone throughout the design process, since it has had the help of the specialist in structures and bodies Dallara, as well as from Bosch and Williams Advance Engineering on the powertrain.

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