BMW recalls 80 electric BMW iX and i4 for potential risk of fire in its battery

The North American division of BMW, in conjunction with the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (hereinafter NHTSA), has issued a statement in which it urges its consumers to not driving or charging your electric BMW iXas well as to several units of the BMW i4because of a potential fire hazard around your battery.

It should be noted, however, that it is a call that affects few units, presumably also because not too many have been marketed so far. In total there are just over 80 electric cars that BMW must review, of which 56 correspond to iX, while 27 are from i4.

At the moment no part of BMW in Europe has echoed a similar call for review. In fact, in the United States, BMW will not officially contact those affected until September, although beforehand it will notify the owner of each model by telephone immediately.


At the moment the solution that BMW proposes is the replacement of the battery with a newly manufactured one, although it is not yet known if it is a defect around the assembly of the battery or the cells that make it up, which depending on the model correspond to CATL or Samsung SDI cells.

It is likely to be a manufacturing defect, so presumably the notice will mean the units that BMW has marketed in the rest of the markets, since the production of both models takes place in Germany, the i4 is produced in Munich, while the iX is manufactured at the plant in Dingolfing. From each location these models are exported to different markets.

As specified by BMW, So far no incident has been recorded.. Until the review is effective, the brand urges users not to drive any of the models under any circumstances, nor to recharge its battery. It also asks drivers not to park any of these models in closed parking lots, but instead to do so in open spaces so as not to cause a fire in any building, house or parking lot.

BMW i4 M Sport
BMW i4 M Sport

Both the BMW iX and the i4 are built around the platform HPLC, an adaptation on the basis for internal combustion models of the group that also shapes the BMW i7. Since the latter has not started its deliveries, by the time it reaches the market it will not suffer from the defect that the i4 and iX do.

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