BMW Motorrad patents a “boxer-type” motor for its next electric motorcycle

The German firm BMW, through its motorcycle division BMW Motorrad, is one of the main manufacturers in the motorcycle sector and one of the earliest to launch electric motorcycles. The firm is still predetermined to continue working with this type of technology, and this is indicated by the latest patent that has come to light, in which a boxer-type electric motor takes center stage.

And it is that this type of engine has become an icon within BMW Motorrad itself, both for their sound and for the particular aesthetics that it gives to the motorcycle that equips it, since the engine protrudes from both sides of the motorcycle. The patent for this electric motor has come to light because of its registration in the United States, which was echoed later in Solo Moto.

In truth, however, what BMW Motorrad has actually patented corresponds to a cooling system whose shapes mimic those of a boxer-type engine. The idea is to make an aesthetic nod to the protuberances that this type of engine generated on each side of the motorcycle in question by placing the air filters on them. With this you can take advantage of the air flow that these protuberances support by being completely exposed to the air when moving forward.

Diagram of the patent for the BMW electric motor %22boxer%22.
Scheme of the patent for the BMW electric “boxer” motor.

The electric motor itself would be centrally positioned in the chassis of the motorcycle, and the air would come from it to be cooled, as this flow could also be used to cool the batteries or any other element.

Something similar was revealed by the German firm with one of its latest conceptual models, the BMW Motorrad Vision DC Roadster, which is the first example of BMW’s work on the concept of a sports-style electric motorcycle.

If there is a model that will potentially release this solution, the one that has the best chance of doing so is precisely this one, or at least an electric motorcycle whose concept resembles or is close to the one that BMW showed with the conceptual model of the Vision DC Roadster.

The idea of ​​BMW Motorrad with these projections is to take advantage of the air flow they support.

However, and as happens on many occasions, the fact that an idea, design or technology makes its way into the patent office of a country by a manufacturer does not necessarily mean that it has to end up as a commercial solution, because in many cases the idea ends up being discarded by the manufacturer and what they are really looking for is to make sure that no other brand or company resorts to it.

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