BMW iX1: German Electric SUV Will Arrive in 2022

BMW  seems to be focusing – somewhat more – on electric cars very soon, after having renewed the iX3. This same year the i7 and the  BMW iX3 will arrive, which will be the fully electric version of the third generation of the BMW X1. We know that this small electric SUV will be built on the  FAAR platform, shared with models such as the new generation MINI Countryman, and that it will be slightly larger than the version that is still in force – the thermal BMW X1, of course.

The  BMW iX1 will become the electric car of access to the range of the Bavarian brand, while the i3 has no continuation insight and, at least for the moment, they have not shown any intention of developing an electric version of its Series 1. This model, due to its dimensions and its characteristics, will have to face options in the market such as the  Volvo XC40 and the Mercedes EQA, its direct rivals. However, within the same segment, there are also similar alternatives such as the same Volvo C40 Recharge.

The design of the BMW iX1

As shown in the recreation of the design of the BMW iX1 2022 that accompanies this article, the model is expected to be essentially the same as the new generation BMW X1, but with subtle aesthetic differences that will be focused on, above all, to achieve better aerodynamics. Hence, it will have the blind double kidney grille, with a specific design pattern and blue contours. The bumper will also be differentiated, with smoother lines and a more  ‘closed’ surface,  while the cooling needs are much less than in the model’s thermal engine version.

In the  2022 BMW iX1, other key details will remain the same, such as the new LED headlights, which are somewhat wider and more stylized than in the previous generation. This is not going to change between the thermal and the electric. We can expect the rest of the changes in the rear, especially in the bumper, which will also be more aerodynamic, and in its specific tire design that will also seek to maximize autonomy with a design with fewer openings.


Power, versions, and autonomy

What we can expect is that the BMW iX1, which as we have been commenting on will be released throughout this year 2022 – during the second half of the year – is available with one engine and in a version with two engines. The version of a motorcycle will be the most economical, obviously, with front-wheel drive and autonomy that we do not know at the moment. This access version will be the BMW iX1 eDrive20, but the BMW iX1 xDrive30 with dual motor,  four-wheel drive, the combined power of approximately  270 hp, and an 80 kWh battery will also be available.


Clearly, in many ways, the BMW iX1 is going to inherit the technology and approach of the recently updated BMW iX3. Now, in this smaller model, we may see autonomy figures even higher than the very decent electric X3. As for its presentation, the model should arrive during the  2022 Paris Motor Show, which will take place at the end of October. As for its commercialization, however, likely, it will not start until 2023.

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