BMW has almost ready its improvement center for the manufacture of batteries

BMW’s electric range is getting bigger and better. The latest electric cars launched by those in Munich have made this fact clear. Success is achieved through work and innovation, a constant process of improvement that is achieved with opening of specific facilities such as the new Cell Manufacturing Competence Centerabbreviated called CCMC.

In new facilities that have cost 170 million euros and that comprise an approximate area of ​​15,000 square meters in the town of Parsdorf80 of the most experienced BMW workers will shape the processes and technologies that will improve the production processes of the batteries destined for the models with the Neue Klasse platform, the next great evolution of BMW electric cars that will see the light in a few years.

Just a few days ago we learned that the Neue Klasse platform for electric cars already has an official release date. In 2025 the electric BMW 3 Series, which we have not yet named, will be the first model of the house to enjoy a specifically developed platform that will incorporate the new electrical systems, including motors and batteries. High-density batteries that will be able to improve performance and autonomy. BMW refers to that chassis as a “quantum leap in technology.”

center-batteries-bmw-germany (2)
The new facilities have cost 170 million euros and occupy 15,000 square meters.

By that time, the CCMC will allow for an in-depth analysis and understanding of the cell creation processes. With this, the BMW Group seeks that suppliers have the most precise data on specifications, which will in turn allow optimization of battery production, improving quality, performance and also the manufacturing price. Battery production at Parsdorf will be done in stages given the complex technologies involved in the process. The batteries manufactured in the facilities will not have as their main objective the use in vehicles, but will allow the improvement of the entire production process.

The first of the stages starts this fall. In the initial phase, the systems for the production of electrodes will be installed and put into operation. During this stage, raw materials such as graphite and nickel oxides are combined to later be covered by metal sheets before being compressed in a final step. The second stage includes the installation of the systems and the subsequent assembly of the battery cells and modules. The whole process will take about a year. It is expected that once this stage is completed, battery production will be standardized, moving to regular operation.

Markus Fallböhmer, Head of Production for E-Drive Engines at the BMW Group, highlighted the importance of the CCMC: “It will allow us to complete our knowledge throughout the value chain, from the development of battery cells to the production of modules and powertrain components, including the installation of fully assembled high-voltage batteries in our vehicle plants.

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