BMW flirts with the return of the M1 as a unique electric supercar

Sportiness is a market niche that does not attract many sales, but generates enormous potential in terms of brand image. Few have access to the best supercars in the world, but buying a car from the brand is an aspirational goal for many buyers. BMW has lost part of its sporty essence in recent years, but electricity will allow it to return to the top. The directors of the company are already working on it, and each time more rumors point to the return of the BMW M1 converted into an electric supercar.

M3, M4, M5, M2… In the ranks of the Bayerische Motoren Werke are some of the most beloved and desired street sports cars in history. These sports cars have allowed him to have a brand image that in recent years has been diluted in favor of his most immediate rivals: Audi and Mercedes.. Those from Stuttgart and Ingolstadt have gained ground and image thanks to spectacular launches such as the Mercedes-AMG One or the Audi RS e-tron GT. An affront that cannot, and should not, be overlooked in Munich.

As reported by Autocar, various sources suggest that those who make decisions at BMW could be considering launching an electric M1. Built for just three years, the original M1 was the first in the M series. A mid-engine supercar that put the Bavarian brand on the map. Since 1981, the beloved alphanumeric combination has not been used again.. Preserved in a glass case, the initials M1 are a reference for all good lovers of the motor world. More than a letter and a number, it is a legacy.

The image of the M Next had certain elements reminiscent of the original M1

A legacy of what BMW knows how to do. Electric mobility is the main axis on which the company’s future strategy revolves. BMW has much more experience in the matter than many other manufacturers, but until now it has not properly explored the limits of electricity., beyond the exceptional BMW i4 M50. The idea that they point to from the English medium is not only to recover the name, but to accompany it with a high-performance electrical set that puts the brand back in its rightful place.

If we look back, to the year 2019, we met the BMW Vision M Next. A new generation prototype that advanced the lines of a possible electric supercar. With a spectacular image, the M Next could now become the creative basis for the electric M1. At the time the project was already on the table, but soon it was left in the fridge waiting to find a gap in the company’s busy release schedule. The high costs of development and production did not help to continue with the work either.

BMW and M are already working on the next generation of street supercars. On the 50th anniversary of the creation of the craziest division of the house, we will attend the launch of the BMW XM A huge plug-in hybrid SUV developed exclusively by M engineers. We have recently learned that the Germans do not rule out an electric M3 for future editions, so all this encourages the idea that the Vision M project ends up being a reality.

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