BMW electric cars will be as profitable as current thermal ones

BMW, like most car manufacturers, seeks to elevate its electric car recipe to new frontiers where thermal mechanics models no longer have a place. But this plan must first go through a cost stabilization, and for this, from the Munich firm they already affirm that its next generation of electric cars will be totally profitable, at the same level as cars with a combustion engine are profitable today.

It was the company’s own CEO, Oliver Zipse, who confirmed this information during his annual conference of BMW shareholders, just a few days ago. During said event, the manager boasted about the current incursion of electric cars in the range, as well as its different technological advances, especially on the new BMW i7, its crown jewel. Following this, Zipse stated that the Munich brand would carry out a cost savings of up to 30 percent thanks to the use of the platform New Class and the cylindrical cells, which, at the same time, will have new chemistries and formats with which they will increase their output power.

“That is also what our latest generation of GEN6 transmission represents: more performance, a new chemistry and new cell formats”, admitted the manager at the time in which the attendees wanted to know more details about the adoption of the new platform , as well as the new qualities that it could present in a real environment.

The Neue Klasse platform will mean a breakthrough in all aspects
The Neue Klasse platform will mean a breakthrough in all aspects

The implementation of the new platform will bring with it multiple advances that will pave the way to become a brand with net carbon emissions, since only green energy will be used for its manufacture and all suppliers that supply said energy must strictly guarantee that the energy comes from renewable sources. These collaboration contracts will begin to be signed this year 2022, to which Zipse himself stated that the first condition to accept one supplier or another will be its CO2 emission levels and the way used for the generation itself.

BMW’s plans talk about the start of production of the new platform for the year 2025, which will take place in the new factory located in Debrecen, Hungary, whose construction will start on June 1. Twenty-six months after that date we will know the first pre-series models that will come off their production lines.

Thanks in part to these advances, from BMW they hope to achieve that half of their global sales are “zero emissions” by the year 2030, while for the next year 2025, the Munich firm already expects to reach the figure of 2 million electric cars sold. Finally, for this same 2022 they predict that the same electric vehicles will represent 10 percent of the company’s total figures. By the end of this year, BMW will have a total of 8 fully electric cars in its range.

During the conference with Zipse at the helm, images of two design prototypes based on the Neue Klasse were also shown to members of the BMW board of directors. Oliver Zipse himself admitted that the arrival of this platform will mean the advance they are looking for in the brand.

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