BMW closes the door to electric cars with more than 1,000 km of autonomy

BMW, with the arrival of its new generation of electric cars, hopes to give a significant jump in terms of autonomy available after a single charge. The vehicles known as “Neue Klasse” will hover around figures never seen before in “zero emission” models in the German brand; however, at BMW they have put a limit on said autonomy, and that is they do not believe that there is a need for an electric with more than 1,000 kilometers of autonomy.

The “Neue Klasse” models will make their public appearance next year 2025, although it is not yet known which vehicle of the brand will be the first to adopt this new concept. Rumors talk about the new 3 Series (BMW i3) or the generational update of the BMW iX3, however, for now, there is no official information about it.

This new platform will be prepared to support all kinds of different bodies of electric models. The batteries themselves and their respective cells will be stored in it, which will have cylindrical shapes instead of the flat prismatic ones that they already use today, something that will trigger greater autonomy in itself.

Gen6 batteries will give an additional 30% range over Gen5 equipped models, however, “these will not reach 1,000 kilometers of autonomy, although we can”, stated the head of Efficient Dynamics at BMW, Thomas Albrecht. “We don’t think such a long range is necessary,” he concluded.

The electric BMW i7 already has prices.
The BMW i7 will be the model with the greatest autonomy in the brand thanks to its 623 kilometers of range

The new Gen6 cells that BMW will use will be supplied by CATL and EVE Energy and will measure 46 millimeters in diameter and between 95 and 120 mm in height, depending on their use in one model or another. In addition to the aforementioned increase in autonomy, these will generate a total weight reduction of between 10 and 20 percent with respect to the current setting of the models. The new “Neue Klasse” platform will feature a space on the floor where batteries will be stored. This will result in a much stiffer area in the vehicle structure itself.

To date, the commercial model with the greatest electric autonomy within the BMW catalog is the BMW iX xDrive50 and its 607 kilometersalthough in the coming months it will take over from this award the BMW i7 xDrvie60 and its 623 kilometers. Both figures collide directly with what was pronounced exactly a year ago by David Ferrufino, head of the BMW i4 development project, when he assured that BMWs with autonomy greater than 600 kilometers would not be manufactured, since “it is not necessary”.

Be that as it may, the new “Neue Klasse” platform and its Gen6 batteries will give results of up to 1,000 kilometers of autonomy in specific models, although at the moment it is unknown which of them will take such expected figure for itself.

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