BMW breaks ground on the factory where it will produce the first “Neue Klasse” electric cars

BMW, like many other companies belonging to the most premium sector, will change everything known until now about this brand, including its method of selling and marketing models to the general public. One of these relevant changes will come from the incorporation of the so-called electric cars. “New Class” which will start production in a new plant located in Hungary and of which, the Munich firm construction work has already started.

In this establishment will take place the manufacture of the first 100% electric model that will be based on the new BMW “Neue Klasse” platform, which we have already been able to talk about on occasion. This model will be none other than the new electric variant of the BMW 3 Series, the expected new generation BMW i3, andl which has its arrival date on the market estimated for the year 2025.

This new BMW factory has received an investment of more than one billion euros and will occupy a total area of ​​400 hectares, while its production capacity is expected to be around 150,000 units per year. Inside there will be a specific pressing workshop, bodywork creation, a space dedicated to the painting of the models, as well as the assembly process of said electric vehicles. Additionally, from BMW they assure that this will be the world’s first completely CO2-free car manufacturing plant. Its exact location will be northwest of the city of Debrecen, in Hungary.

Production of the first BMW Neue Klasse electric models will begin at this factory.
Production of the first BMW Neue Klasse electric models will begin at this factory.

The new plant will focus much more on the flexibility of manufacturing its vehicles, since new “highly innovative” construction standards will be established there, according to a company representative during the event to celebrate the laying of the first stone. . “This plant will be a leader in terms of flexibility, sustainability and digitization in the entire automotive industry”, he added.

A few weeks ago we learned of the new manufacturing strategy that BMW will follow in the coming years, which is known as “iFactory”. This plan to be followed will be introduced for the first time in the plant that is being built in Hungary, to then be gradually implemented in the rest of the factories located in various parts of the world. These new advances in assembly engineering will be the basis for all electric models of the “Neue Klasse” that arrive from the year 2025.

However, and although all indications point to the first electric model manufactured in Hungary, and the first model belonging to the Neue Klasse, will be the new generation of the i3 electric sedan, the truth is that The first rumors have begun to sound that refer to an alternative model to said sedan, more specifically an SUV or crossover the size of the Series 3. This project is known internally as NK1.

As we have already mentioned and according to the data provided by BMW, this factory will be the first in the world dedicated to the assembly of electric cars that will not produce greenhouse gases. This will generate the required energy through a complete system of solar panels installed in the factory itself and, if more energy power is required, external supplies from renewable sources will be used. Additionally, BMW is working on the possibility of making use of geothermal energy. Finally, the drying system of the painting department will be carried out by means of electric heatersthus replacing the classic gas burners used historically.

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