BMW believes customers will get used to subscription payment for upgrades

The Bavarian firm began to propose the adoption of advances regarding comfort through subscription payment as an extra to the purchase price of the vehicle. The first service to arrive with this payment method was heated seats and it is only offered, for now, in South Korea; however, from the German company already they foresee that this type of subscriptions will be extended to all markets and encompass a greater number of gadgets.

Despite this, most consumers are not in favor of having this type of payment method in their vehicles, preferring to opt for the single payment before buying the car itself. However, from the brands, they see this service as all a new business opportunity to obtain new and important benefits. Additionally, this is something that will come in handy for all those who buy a second-hand car without all the extras, which they can buy online later.

Since BMW claim that consumers will gradually adapt to this method of purchase, despite the initial refusal to adopt it. For the different brands, the benefits of this method are many and, therefore, there are already several that have jumped on the bandwagon of incorporating them into their catalog for future releases.

Tesla, for its part, was one of the first companies to offer a subscription service, to which other brands were later added. In recent months it has become known that so much Ford What volkswagen They are also developing this type of payments for their future models with advanced technology, as this will mean an important step forward in terms of obtaining economic benefits for them.

BMW i4 interior
Most of these services will be about the comfort, entertainment and safety of its occupants.

Torsten Julich himself, a spokesman for BMW, assured during a recent interview with Bloomberg, who are aware that their clients’ need for mobility is no longer as pronounced as it was until a few years ago, mainly due to the incorporation of teleworking, as well as various other causes. Because of this, they see it much more logical and practical to offer a subscription service to certain advances for the specific moments in which they want to use itsomething that makes more sense “than paying thousands of dollars for a feature that will only be used a few times a year,” he said.

Today, BMW offers the aforementioned heated seats under subscription payment in the eastern country, however, they will also be incorporated soon. heated steering wheel, automatic high beam system or adaptive cruise control. These new subscriptions will be limited only to “selected countries”, although it is already expected that over the months they will gradually reach all the markets where the German firm is present.

This progress will be extended to other companies in the automotive sector, such as Stellantis, who they already estimate the generation of around 23 billion euros per year coming from pay-per-subscription service by the end of this decade.

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