BMW announces the price of the electric BMW i7 for Spain: the brand’s flagship is now available

The Mercedes EQS already has a direct rival to stand up to. The i7 has been unveiled to the public and has done so in an exceptionally unique format. The most luxurious, equipped and advanced saloon of the house shows cutting-edge electric technology that will be a reference throughout the world. Only one important aspect remained to be known: the prices of the BMW i7 for Spain that have already been announced. Go open the wallet that does not come cheap.

And it is that paying so much technology is expensive. There had never been an i7 in the BMW range, but the Germans have presented a large electric representation saloon that will be one of the most selected by high dignitaries and the great fortunes of the world. His style is incapable of leaving anyone indifferent; Or you love it, or hate it. There is no middle ground for a design philosophy that first came in a large format like the BMW X7. This design is the same that we can see in the new BMW 7 Series.

Interior of the electric BMW i7.

If it is impressive on the outside, it is no less impressive on the inside. With two possible bodies: normal wheelbase and short wheelbase, the i7 is developed for the comfort of its passengers. In addition to an exceptional quality of finishes, the i7 enjoys the most advanced and avant-garde technology of BMW. Striking are the state-of-the-art elements such as laser headlights, the multimedia system with operating system 8.0, wireless connectivity, massage seats, ambient lighting, and much more.

It is impossible not to look and be fascinated. The pinnacle of that technology is represented by the BMW Theater Screen. Unfolding from the roof, the rear passengers are provided with a huge 31.3-inch screen., 8K quality and connected services through Amazon Fire TV. A never-before-seen multimedia system complete with numerous screens, seats with a massage function, privacy curtains and even the possibility of installing a fridge.

BMW i7 electric.

In the mechanical section, the BMW i7 has only announced one of its most impressive versions, the i7 xDrive60. With two electric motors, these are powered by a large lithium-ion battery with 101.7 kWh capacity. With a maximum power of 544 horses and a torque of up to 745 Nm, the autonomy approved in the WLTP cycle shows up to 625 kilometers range with an official consumption of 18.4 kWh per 100 kilometers traveled. With a 400-volt electrical system, the maximum charging power reaches 195 kW in direct current and up to 11 kW in alternating current.

There is nothing in the i7 that encourages you to think about a content sale price. The company’s large electric sedan immediately ranks as one of BMW’s most expensive models. The starting price of the BMW i7 for the Spanish market is 137,900 euros, without offers or promotions. The corresponding EQS, the Mercedes EQS 580 4MATIC with 523 horses and 668 kilometers of autonomy, is available from 153,586 euros. In the future, BMW will launch cheaper versions with less power and a greater range of autonomy.

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